ART EXHIBITION: I have been busy making work for the Easter art exhibition in Falmer church. The show will be revealed at the Easter vigil service at 7pm on Easter Saturday (tomorrow) and will be open until May 6 at weekends 11am to 5pm. Judging by the pictures the artists have been sending me it is going to be an excellent exhibition. Our Easter Day service is at 10am.

COLD SNAP: I am writing this on Monday and wonder if we will get the threatened cold snap over Easter weekend. I remember walking over the downs on Easter Monday some years ago when there was snow on the ground. Unusual, but not impossible.

THE SNOW: We had a few weeks ago battered my poor daffodils, but, amazingly, they have recovered fully and look as though they will be out for Easter.

EASTER GARDEN: If you are out and about in Falmer, do have a look at the Easter garden in front of the church. This has become a tradition and this year the planting is courtesy of Jill Burt. Happy Easter.