BICENTENNIAL REVIEW: A meeting took place last Sunday to go over our activities during the St. Laurence bicentennial celebrations last year. We were all agreed that the lecture series (open to all) that took place at the University of Sussex Meeting house were a great success and absolutely fascinating. We are hoping that we will now have an annual lecture. The art shows and flower festival were also enjoyed by all the villagers and also those from outside. The end of the year saw our Nativity play specially written for us, and performed by villagers and churchgoers. The play was wonderful, unfortunately the weather was atrocious, my script fell to pieces it got so wet. We hope to perform the play again and perhaps plan to stop inside buildings such as the village hall and the Swan to read our scripts. We all enjoyed the mulled wine and mince pies provided by Martin from the Swan and eaten and drunk in the warmth of his barn.

EASTER ART: The Easter art exhibition has been well received by visitors and I think it is one of the best we have had. The show continues at weekends 11am to 5pm until May 6, so you have plenty of time to catch up with it.

SPRING FEVER: We have lots of birds in the garden obviously building nests, including a wren which seems to be planning a nest next to our back door. The ducks on Falmer pond are also beginning to get spring fever. I saw a very tiny drake chasing a very large duck last time I was there. I didn’t stay to see what would happen if he caught up with her.