LADIES GROUP: He did it again. For the April Meeting Bob Faulkner, who last year gave us a great evening of pop music from the 50s and 60s, this year took us on a memory tour of films. It was interesting to see the cinema that Bob frequented when he was a boy in north London, and again in the present day the external building looking virtually the same but with multiple screens. We were shown posters of films and stars going back to the early 1900s through to the 20s, 30s and up to our present time. We were then tested in teams with a quiz ‘who was the star in this film?, who was the director of this, who won the most film Oscars, which film won the most Oscars?’ a second quiz of film music asking which film the music came from. What was so exciting was the answers came up with pictures of the stars or the film. The audience was really buzzing after the talk with so many memories. It was extremely well presented and enjoyed by all attending.

CONCERT: Tomorrow, Saturday, there will be a concert in St Laurence Church at 11am when we shall be enchanted by the music scholars of Roedean School; the quality and skills these young people display always give great entertainment. The concert is free and as it is a morning concert coffee will be served.

A LUCKY ESCAPE: Early on Sunday morning a couple travelling on the Woodingdean Falmer road noticed smoke coming from the bonnet of their car. They were lucky enough to pull into the Falmer village entrance and escape before the car erupted into flames. The fire brigade was called and the burnt out car was taken away, but it was left to the Farm Shop owners to contact the authorities to clear away the debris and arrange repairs to the pavement.