CONCERTS: Last Saturday’s concert at St Laurence Church by the Bothy Singers, was a joy. Singing so many popular songs such as Run, It don’t Mean a Thing, Blackbird, Because, Gershwin medley, God Only knows, Sister Act and that was only the first half; my favourite was Skyfall – brilliant. For details of the group you can contact Jan Wright at janet.e.wright@btinternet.com.

On June 23 The Old Spice Boys will be performing the last of the summer concerts entitled Best of Barbershop. They will be singing a mixture of old and new, traditional folky, jazzy and pop.

HOG ROAST: June 17 at the Swan Inn Falmer there will be a Hog Roast, very popular and tickets fast selling out. Contact them on 01273 681842. Everyone loves a Hog Roast couldn’t be better for a warm summer’s lunch time.

ENTERTAINMENT: Sunday June 24 from 11am to 3pm everyone is invited to the join in for a day of free entertainment, fun and discovery at the University of Sussex Campus Falmer. There will be free activities and entertainment for all ages. For more information log on to www. sussex.ac.uk/festival

SOUTH DOWNS WAY RUN: Our neighbour took part in the South Downs Way run on Saturday but sadly had to pull out after 42 miles due to an injured foot. Bad luck Rick. 2019 is another year we look forward to hearing your results then.