CONCERT: The last concert for the summer in St Laurence Church took place last Saturday when The Old Spice Boys performed and weren’t they just fun singing many favourites and one that brought back memories of when I was a very young girl and someone very close to me would sing The Foggy Foggy Dew, it always made me smile. The dates for the next concert sessions are not yet confirmed but there’s a great programme to come such as cello and piano, double duos, The Pastores Ensemble, Ricardo Alves Pereira, Clare Beesley Duo and Belladonna. Dates will be available on the website and Facebook page www.facebook.com/falmerconcerts and www.stanmer withfalmer Something to look forward to.

COMMUNITY FESTIVAL: On Sunday the University of Sussex held a Community Festival, free to everyone. I visited in the afternoon and loved the atmosphere, there was so much going on, traditional coconut shy, shooting range, fishing ducklings out of a pond, test your own strength and many interesting talks set around the different departments. I hope it was well appreciated by all those attending. Well done University of Sussex.

WE ARE LUCKY: Living in Falmer village never too far away from the countryside and taking delight in watching the cutting of the hay and the turning and eventual baling of the hay. The day before baling I couldn’t help smiling and enjoy seeing three very small children in the field just throwing themselves around in the hay, they looked to be having a great time and thinking that they would sleep well that night.

HOUSE MARTINS: I thought I was also lucky when I saw the house martins beginning to build a nest under the eaves of our house, but suddenly they seem to have disappeared and stopped work. Why? I just wondered if it was because there does seem to be a number of rooks and magpies around, have the house martins decided it would be too dangerous for their brood? I am now very disappointed.