CONCERTS: We now have some news about the upcoming autumn season of concerts. Double Duos featuring French horns and double bass (sounds intriguing) are playing for us on September 29. The welcome return of the Pastores Ensemble, with their programme of early music and original work will be on October 13, and on November 3 we will be enjoying the music of Zhanna Kemp and friends, featuring piano, singers and a flautist. Looking forward to an exciting musical autumn.

HOT STUFF: By now the weather may have broken but at the time of writing we are still sweltering. I don’t remember such a long spell of fine weather here since the mid 70’s, when reservoirs dried up and people were urged to save water.

ARTWAVE: We are progressing with our search for excellent artists for this year’s Artwave at Falmer. I have managed to collect a splendid group so far, I think it is going to be a great exhibition.

CATS: I am looking after my son’s cat for a few months, she is settling down and exploring the neighbourhood (not too far she is too lazy for that). I was alarmed to hear a terrible caterwauling recently, I ran into the house to see what was going only to see my cat house guest being pursued up the stairs by another cat, I followed them. They both ran into our bedroom and the interloper ran across the bed and jumped out of the open window, crashing down through the rose growing on our wall and taking off at full pelt, seemingly none the worse for his or her fall. Our cat soon regained her composure and we have not seen the offender since.