SPONSORED WALK: Sunday morning early, about 6.30am we noticed people walking down the lane and later, I saw more coming. I asked if they were on a sponsored walk, they were, walking to raise money for the Blind Veterans and St Dunstan’s. That was their final destination and as they said in one voice and a swim in the sea. They surely deserved it. The walk started in London at 9am the day before so it had been on going for over 24 hours, and not very pleasant in the heat. Well done all of them.

CYCLISTS: I also saw a group of cyclists and thought they too had been riding for a charity, but no, they were just out for a ride, starting at Newhaven and finishing in Seaford. Still sounds very arduous to me. I said I would mention them in the parish pump and would like to say to them ‘keep on riding’ they all belong to the Newhaven Cycle Club.

WILDLIFE: I have been trying my best to keep cool over the last two weeks but feel for the animals and birds. I have some broken terracotta pots which I have placed around the garden and fill with water every evening. One of them I can see from my kitchen window and it is really appreciated, one blackbird taking nearly 15mins to complete his ablutions. I do have a fanciful imagination but I am sure the birds were queuing up to use the water, even the squirrel is making use of the crock.