ART: I am busy with preparations for Artwave, we have a great line up of artists and makers this year. We have ceramics, sculpture, painting, printmaking, jewellery and more. So I hope to see you all here at the village hall and St Laurence in August.

ROADS: I intend to avoid travelling on the motorways for the foreseeable future. I had the journey from hell last week when driving up to London to go to a birthday party. We anticipated the usual two hour journey (quite long but manageable), the first setback we encountered was a huge line of stationary traffic. We sat there in our cars for around an hour, apparently there had been a crash, both sides of the M25 were closed until they could clear the vehicles off the road. Eventually we began to move again. Off we went, hopes high that this would be the only delay and we would still get there in time to join the party. Things were going well until the radio announced that the Blackwall tunnel was closed due to a broken down car, the satnav started to direct us towards Woolwich, were we going to get the ferry? When we finally got there we saw longest queue ever waiting to board the ferry. How long does the ferry take? How many cars can it squeeze on? It was getting on for three hours since we started the journey, we reckoned it would take at least another hour. We phoned and said we couldn’t face another hour of travelling. Our return journey was uneventful, thankfully and we arrived back home safely, but deeply disappointed to miss the party, after a solid five hours of driving.

WEATHER: At the time of writing there is no sign of our wonderful summer weather ending. What a joy it is to be able to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. Watering the garden has become a daily chore as everything is drying out so quickly. I am expecting a hose pipe ban to be imposed very soon. Lovely teas are still being served on Sunday afternoons at the village hall and some plants and clothes are for sale too. The water level in the village pond is going down quite quickly. We have not had any rain for many weeks and with nothing going into it, the pond is rapidly turning into a puddle. I don’t know how the fish are coping. Like Rosemarie, I have been putting water out for the birds, and have been rewarded with the sight of lots of birds coming to drink and bathe in our old stone sink in the yard. We also have a family of green woodpeckers in the garden. They sit in the oak tree chatting to each other, they must be finding it hard to get at the worms and other grubs that they eat. I wonder if it will have rained before this appears in the Sussex Express?