THE WEATHER: Is still feeling tropical, and I am, like many other people, finding it quite exhausting. Even the animals and birds have taken to the shade and are very grateful for my water pots scattered around the garden. Still time passes very quickly and we are promised cooler weather soon.

VISITS: Two weeks ago my daughter came to visit all the way from Derby and with her encouragement I ventured into the sea, for the first time in three years. She fell about laughing when I exclaimed ‘It’s so salty’, I really enjoyed my swim and now want to go again if I can persuade someone to come with me, at the end of that week I visited Walsingham with 18 other people. My first visit, I did find it a culture shock to begin with but soon began to enjoy the surroundings and the company. Coming home on the Monday I was off again with friends in the village, this time just for the day, to the Chichester Festival Theatre to see Me and My Girl, it was a great production and fun and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

FAREWELL SUPPER: This week, we are sadly having a farewell supper after our patronal festival for our Priest in Charge at St Laurence Church the Rev Dr Colin Lawlor who will be moving to Waterlooville to take charge there of the Parish of St George. He will be sadly missed as too will his little dog Alfreda.

TEAS: Are still being served in the village hall on Sunday afternoons and will continue during the Art Wave in Falmer, opening on August 18, and on every weekend Saturdays and Sundays until September. Not only will there be exceptional art on display but crafts and jewellery, for you to purchase. Falmer is a great venue so do come and enjoy and discover for yourselves.