ARTWAVE: So here it is. Artwave is upon us. All over the Lewes area art exhibitions are up and waiting for their first visitors. I am writing this on Tuesday, so our show is not yet hung but I have had lots of art work delivered and I can honestly say, we have some of the best paintings we’ve ever had. We also have some beautiful mugs and bowls by Shefton Kaplan, some pottery figures from Tezel Bacheli, pottery and maquettes from Christine Scawin and wonderful copper work from Michele Findlay. We are open at weekends 11am to 5pm, including Bank Holiday Monday.

RAIN: The rain last week was torrential. I was driving when the downpour started and had to slow to a crawl as I simply could not see through the windscreen. Waiting at the Falmer traffic lights, I could see a huge river of water rushing down the road. I hear that the Premier Inn in Lewes even had to close briefly due to flooding.

PARKING: University of Sussex is right on Falmer’s doorstep and now that the summer months are here, our parking restrictions are not in force. This means that we have cars turning up from 7am onwards to use all the parking spaces in Falmer North. Apart from the nuisance of there being no space for friends to park when visiting, the noise of car doors slamming from 6.45am onwards is quite irritating, add to that the occasional testing of the emergency announcements from the Amex Stadium at 7am (why so early?) means that we are up with the lark most days.