LADIES GROUP: Last week the Ladies’ Group made an afternoon visit to Nymans. As ever it was lovely, I wanted more time, but that is a good sign that something is worth visiting. I shall look forward to another visit soon. The main house suffered a serious fire in 1947 but one wing survived and was lived in my Anne Messel, the mother of Anthony Armstrong Jones who married Princess Margaret. I enjoyed walking into this time warp of the 1930s, If you have never been able to visit before I recommend a visit it is well worth it.

STRAW BALES: Last Thursday we had gentle rain practically all day. The farmer at Mary Farm has been bringing down the lane large trailers of straw bales, piled on top of one another. As they travel down the narrow lane with the trees overhanging, the branches help themselves to a decoration of straw, and with the rain it reminded me of the time when on one April Fools day, Richard Dimbleby fooled the nation with the story of the spaghetti harvest growing on trees, I should have had my camera with me.

ARTWAVE: As Sue Barnes said last week the Art Wave Exhibitions have arrived, and the paintings at Falmer are outstanding. Congratulations to Sue and her colleagues for showing such first class exhibits. The exhibition is on every weekend until September 2 and includes bank holiday Monday, August 27, you can still buy home-made cakes and tea.

FOOTBALL: Brighton and Hove Albion should also be congratulated for winning over Manchester United on Sunday, the village was abuzz with spectators before the match, but I still do not understand how so many people manage to get into the village to park, even though there are wardens on duty.