ARTWAVE: Continues this weekend. A bit more time to go around the shows and see what everyone has, or revisit your favourites. Here in Falmer we have had a very good start to our Artwave show, with great visitor numbers and sales up, probably due to our acquiring a card reader. We have paintings, ceramic plant holders, pottery mugs, bowls and plates (selling fast), prints, cards and sculpture. It is a very varied show, and one that is getting lots of good feedback (not least on our excellent cakes).

FARM VEHICLES: Rosemarie told you about the farm vehicles coming down the road and leaving a trail of wispy straw behind it, I live in dread of the farm vehicles with their large trailers. With parking all the way down our street and my car parked out at the front, I was afraid of getting the car scratched and dented, which is exactly what has happened. I was not there at the time, being busy at our art show, so don’t know who was responsible.

VILLAGE POND: The village pond has its large number of greylag geese back, it looks even more crowded than ever. We still have a cormorant living and fishing on the pond, and it is making itself very much at home, snoozing on the grass when it is not busy catching fish.

WE ARE VERY SORRY: To have to say goodbye to Father Colin Lawlor, moving to West Sussex. Services will continue during our interregnum with clergy visiting us to conduct our Sunday services.