WHERE HAVE WE BEEN?: I know in our household just before Christmas and during the holiday, we were knocked sideways by a really nasty virus as so many other people have been struggling with. Luckily we were able to get away for Christmas and completely relax and then returning home to again going away to celebrate the New Year. We were lucky having being cosseted and looked after and are very grateful to all those around us.

BEFORE CHRISTMAS: I did manage to keep going for the Nativity Journey to Bethlehem. It was a difficult decision, knowing Chelsea were playing the seagulls, we had to rethink our journey, ending not in the pub barn but the village hall as the stable. There was a classic moment which could not have been staged, at the very moment that the Angel Gabriele appeared to Mary to tell her that she would be with child there was an enormous cheer from the Amex Stadium. If only they had known.

SADLY: I missed so much, I couldn’t attend the variety concert to which I was looking forward to so much. I also missed the Carol Service.

BUT: I am so much better now and looking forward to the New Year. We do have a concert coming up on Sunday 3rd February at 5.30 pm in St Laurence Church by Calliope, Clare Beesley. It is unusual for concerts to be on a Sunday and I am sure more details will be available soon.

FALMER: Is a small knit community with everyone looking out for one another, but not only for people but the surroundings as well. On my way home on Sunday I could see Maggie and Charlie picking up rubbish from the verges leading to Falmer. I was told by another villager, that they often do this clearing rubbish from the pond surrounds on a regular basis. Unless you see them, no one would ever know. Well done Maggie and Charlie, it is a wonderful community spirit you are showing to us all.