CHURCH SERVICES: Church of St Andrew and St Mary the Virgin, Sunday, Palm Sunday, 10am Parish Communion. Wednesday, 10am Holy Communion. Thursday, Maundy Thursday, Holy Communion 7pm. Friday March 30, Good Friday, Service at 2pm. Saturday March 31, Holy Saturday, Vigil Service at 8pm. Sunday April 1, Easter Sunday. Family Service and Holy Communion 10am.

ART GROUP: Meets on Wednesday at 1pm.

MARTIAL ARTS: Kobudo Martial Arts meet on Thursday at 5pm.

100 YEARS AGO: Sussex Express 22 March 1918. Nutley. Agent for this paper, Mrs C Whitewood, Grocer and Draper.

Pudding Lady’s Visit. At the Iron Room on Monday a numerous audience listened with profitable interest to a demonstration of wartime cookery by Miss Florence Petty, who has gained renown as the Pudding Lady. The lecture was practically illustrated, and many hints, valuable both from the point of view of utility and economy, were given.

Sale of Wool. By the Sale of Wool (United Kingdom) Order, 1918, the War Department will take possession of all Washed Locks and Trimmings this year, but unwashed daggings and gathered wool (that is, wool picked off hedges etc.) are free, and can be sold to any merchant who has a permit to buy.