CHURCH SERVICES: Church of St Andrew and St Mary the Virgin, Sunday, 10am Parish Communion. Wednesday, 10am Holy Communion.

FLETCHING SINGERS: Rehearse on Tuesday from 7.45pm.

MARTIAL ARTS: Kobudo Martial Arts meet on Thursday at 5pm.

PARISH COUNCIL: Please join us at the Annual Parish Meeting on Tuesday May 8 at 7pm in Fletching Parish Church. The Ashdown Conservators will be doing a short presentation on their work and the parish council will provide an update on their activities throughout the year. You are welcome to join us for a glass of wine afterwards.

GARDEN PARTY: Friends of Fletching Church Midsummer Garden Party at Clinton Lodge on Thursday, May 17, 6pm to 9pm. Tickets £15 available from Mrs Alex Rothery, 07780 670474. friendsoffletching@gmail.com

100 YEARS AGO: Sussex Express 19 April 1918. Fish With Bacon. Fish or bacon, or fish followed by bacon, used before the war to be the staple breakfast of the well-to-do. But fish with bacon is seldom met with in England. Americans eat cod, egged and floured and fried in the same pan with fat bacon, and, since this fish is deficient both in fat and flavour, there is a good deal to be said for the practice. But probably English people will prefer to stuff white fish with what is called veal stuffing to which a little minced bacon has been added and then bake it in a fireproof dish. A nicely flavoured vegetable gravy should be served with this instead of white sauce. In this way bacon will invade even the fish days which some of us find so dull and so frequently recurring, and we shall find a virtue in the necessity for having only two coupons’ worth of butcher’s meat in the week.