Fletching news
Fletching news

CHURCH SERVICES: Church of St Andrew and St Mary the Virgin, Sunday, 10am Parish Communion. Wednesday, 10am Holy Communion.

CHROMATICS CHOIR: Meet on Monday at 7pm.

FLETCHING SINGERS: Rehearse on Tuesday at 7.45pm.

MARTIAL ARTS: Kobudo Martial Arts meet on Thursday at 5pm.

JANUARY RAINFALL IN PILTDOWN: A dry start to the year with just 30mm of precipitation recorded compared with an average of 101mm. The wettest January was in 2014 with 207mm. The driest was in 2000 with just 23mm, but that year ended up with 1288mm, the wettest year I have on record.

80 YEARS AGO: Sussex Express 10 February 1939. Lord Hailsham Objects to Billeting Scheme. Viscount Hailsham, until recently lord Privy Seal in the National Government, has informed the Hailsham Rural District Council that he is unable to promise at present that any evacuated children could be given accommodation of the character required, should a national emergency arise, at his country residence, Carter’s Corner, near Hailsham. He stated, however, that he would he ready to co-operate to the utmost if and when the Government produced a properly thought out scheme.