Fletching news
Fletching news

CHURCH SERVICES: Church of St Andrew and St Mary the Virgin, Palm Sunday (April 14) 10am Parish Communion. Wednesday, 10am Holy Communion. Thursday, Maundy Thursday, 7pm Holy Communion. Friday April 19, Good Friday Service at 2pm; Holy Saturday Vigil Service 8pm; Easter Sunday Family Service with Communion 10am.

CHROMATICS CHOIR: Meet on Monday at 7pm.

ART GROUP: Meets on Wednesday at 1pm.

KOBUDO MARTIAL ARTS: Thursday at 5pm.

MARCH RAINFALL IN PILTDOWN: By March 19, total rainfall for the month had reached 72mm, already exceeding the average of 57mm. The remainder of the month was dry.

100 YEARS AGO: Sussex Express 4 April 1919. Fletching officials Retire. To the general and genuine regret of the inhabitants of Fletching, Mr and Mrs R Saunders, who have been in charge of the schools there for nearly 30 years, have reached the period when they have to relinquish their post. During this long period they have seen many changes in the parish and have also witnessed and assisted its favourable development. In school and out of it they have been the friends of the scholars and parents alike and the parish is poorer for their departure. Prior to their leaving during the present week for their new home in St Leonards they were the recipients of several presentations, which will remain permanent to them as marks of the esteem and affection in which they were held. The principal of these took place last Friday evening in the main schoolroom, which had been transformed into an attractively decorated drawing room decorated with large palms in each corner and furnished with comfortable chairs and numerous rugs. At the far end of the rooms a miniature stage had been erected and from here a capital musical programme was rendered by local vocalists. The company, which numbered quite 100, included many of the prominent residents of the parish and also numerous scholars both past and present. Mr and Mrs G Fenner were very active in carrying out the arrangements and attending to the comfort of the audience, and the presentation, which consisted of a pair of very handsome and comfortable arm chairs together with a cheque for £16 was made by Mr G M Maryon-Wilson, of ‘Searles.’