Heathfield, Punnetts Town, Broad Oak

Heathfield, Punnetts Town, Broad Oak & Cross in Hand news
Heathfield, Punnetts Town, Broad Oak & Cross in Hand news

CHURCH SERVICES: Sunday, Epiphany 5, 8am Holy Communion (said service), at All Saints’ Church led by Rev Mitch; 9am Holy Communion (sung service), at St George’s Church led by Rev Mitch; 10.30am Holy Communion (sung service), at St Richard’s Church led by Rev Mitch.

GREEN TOKENS: When you are shopping in the Heathfield Waitrose Store this month please remember to collect your green tokens and place in the Heathfield Graveyard container. We are one of the three charities profiled this month. Every time you visit Waitrose please collect your token for the All Saints’ Graveyard initiative. We are grateful to the Waitrose Store in Heathfield for once again supporting the project. A visit to the graveyard will demonstrate that good work has been ongoing over the past twelve months, and in the upcoming weeks we are repairing/relaying a new path right down through the graveyard from top to bottom. Thank you for your anticipated support.

BREAKFAST: Churches Together in Heathfield and District Breakfast at Tottingworth Farm Café, (Halley Road, Broad Oak) Saturday February 9, 8.15am. Choice of four cooked breakfasts from £5 to £8, with speaker Graham Horsnell, from the Matthew 25 Mission in Eastbourne, Bed Rolls, Bread Rolls and Loo Rolls. Please book with your CTH and District representatives by January 25 or contact Sue Mumford 01580 819415 or susan.mumford6@mypostoffice.co.uk. This is a new experiment which we hope will be popular. Please give it a try and bring friends.

WALK: Saturday Morning Strolls re-commence tomorrow, Saturday, from All Saints’ Church, Old Heathfield and the February stroll is led by Doug Brunger.

CHORAL EVENSONG: Heathfield Benefice welcomes Chichester Cathedral Choir for a special Choral Evensong at St Richard’s Church on Sunday February 17 at 4pm.