KINGSTON WI: Report of meeting on November 2, by Helen Dudley.

The November meeting each year is our business meeting and covers the year’s meetings, budget and election of committee members and president. There were a few apologies announced then we were told that our finances were good. Vickie Scott, the president, reported that there are now only six committee members and they need help from non-committee members to complete the many tasks that need to be done, for example organising outings. Members willing to help do not need to attend committee meetings. More members were needed willing to volunteer to make tea each month. Members making tea were also reminded that if they could not attend the meeting that they found a replacement for their absence. More member were also needed to give thanks to any speakers. There is a walk on December 11; please see Beryl Burrel for details. Tap is on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month in the parish hall at 7.30pm. Book club is on third Thursday of the month. Pilates is on each Tuesday 2pm to 3pm at the parish hall. Craft and choir are on Fridays, craft from 2pm to 4pm at the Pavilion and choir at Peggy’s house 4.30pm. Di Crabb and Marlene Greenslate are recovering from operations and received flowers. Janice also received flowers after Vic, her husband, passed away. His funeral took place on Friday November 10.

After a short break when wine and soft drinks were available, Jan Sumner read out the financial statement and budget as Carol Taplin, Treasurer, was absent. Next the secretary, Sue Wylde read out her annual report, detailing the monthly meetings and speakers we had in 2017. This was followed by the president’s report where she spoke of an aim to get some younger members and fresh ideas.

All the current committee members were happy to stand again for 2018 and from those the president was elected, with Hazel Craven overseeing the event; the most votes were for the 2017’s president, Vickie Scott.

Our December meeting is at 6.30pm on Friday December 8 and will be our Christmas party. Please contact Sue Wylde or Carol Taplin to offer help or food. For those not wishing to make food a donation can be made.

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