Lack of sales leads to building limbo

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I was dismayed to learn that Taylor Wimpey have a build up of stock at the new development in Buxted due to lack of sales, and have taken the decision to pause production. What this means is that the development will now sit in awkward limbo between building site and estate. The development hadn’t met with universal enthusiasm when it was first announced. The original plans were for a much smaller development, only to be overridden for the larger scheme. That scheme is now in danger of stuttering to a stop – much like the nearby development at Ashdown Place. Hapless home owners on these sites are faced with months of uncertainty as their homes sit in an unfinished plot, and village locals are left asking whether it has been worth all the effort. No doubt Taylor Wimpey would prefer to complete the project, however in the meantime it is us that are left with the sad sight of unfinished estates in our villages. Is it too much to ask planners and the government to think about the impact of housing expansion, especially within the context of the current macro economy?

Stephen King