BRIDGE CLUB: Tuesday September 1, Tuesday Ladder: 1, Meic Goodyear and Roy Skan; 2, Janet Cattermole and Di Johnstone; 3, James and Sally Budgen. Thursday September 3, Duplicate Pairs: 1, Frank Hibbert and Roy Skan; 2, Peter Cattermole and Mickie Lodge; 3, Meic Goodyear and Simon Kirkwood. Tuesday September 8, Cross Imps: 1, Simon Fishburn and Richard Pearson; 2, Edith Jeffery and Annie Mendelow; 3, Mike Keeping and Janet Cattermole. Thursday September 10, Cross Imps: 1, Meic Goodyear and Simon Kirkwood; 2, Rosemary Land and Paul Allen; 3, Nigel Osmer and Peter Cattermole. Visitors welcome, phone 01273 476757.

COFFEE MORNING: South Street Bonfire Society are holding a coffee morning tomorrow, Saturday, at Cliffe Church Hall 10am to noon. The societies 2015 Bonfire Programme will be on sale. You can renew your membership or you could become a member. There will also be tea, coffee, cakes and tombola available, or just come along for a chat.

FOOTPATHS GROUP: Fourteen members of our group have recently returned from a long weekend in Hertford. The theme of the holiday was the Greenwich Meridian and on the Friday afternoon we started from Waltham Abbey where the Meridian Line passes through the middle of the town, rather like Lewes, for a short three mile walk. On Saturday we started our walk at Standon and then walked back to Hertford again following the Meridian Line. At Standon we passed the Standon Puddingstone, a large, 45 million year old conglomerate stone, mounted to commemorate the coronation of King George V. We followed the River Rib and took a coffee stop at Barwick Ford where suddenly to our amazement, a posse of bikers came splashing through the ford in front of us. We passed through Wadesmill and then on to Ware and then followed the River Lee back to Hertford.

Sunday was a lovely day and we enjoyed a circular walk from Hertford and on Monday, on the way home, we walked in Epping Forest and saw the Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge in Chingford. The holiday was arranged by Graham and Hilda and Janet and Jeannette stepped in to lead the walks. The weekend was much enjoyed by all.

The next walk is on Tuesday, Berwick-Ripe Circular. Meet at 9.30am at top North Street car park.

SOUTHOVER CHURCH: (One of the Trinity churches): Tomorrow, Saturday, and Saturday September 26 an exhibition is open at St John sub Castro from 11am to 5pm showing the history of the church (including recent building work) and its surrounding streets, with refreshments available in the new café. We are grateful to members of the Lewes History Group who have helped us to organise this. Would you like to watch England in their rugby world cup matches against Wales (September 26) and Australia (October 3) on the big screen in the church? We are having a barbecue for the Welsh game and a pie and a pint for the Aussie match. Both events start at 6pm with kick-off at 8pm and finish by 10pm. For more information and to book go to trinityworldcupparty.eventbrite.co.uk. A week on Sunday, 27 September, the new 11.15am congregation at St John sub Castro would like to invite families who don’t go to church but might like to, to investigate what is going on there. If you missed out on being baptised we are having a baptism service at 6.30pm on Sunday November 8. Please contact our rector Steve Daughtery on 01273 472018. Services this Sunday: All congregations will meet at 10.30am in St John sub Castro to celebrate the transfer there of our 11.15am congregation which previously met in Southover church hall. The service will be followed by a bring your own picnic and we hope the new café will be operating too. We are cancelling all other services in our three churches this Sunday. Please join us.