Lib Dems support austerity plans

I take note that three Lib Dem councillors are highlighting the risk to the Women’s Refuge which could be axed by the Conservative led East Sussex County Council (front page, February 8th 2013). This is something I take very seriously having worked in the area of domestic violence and knowing the terrible effect this has on families.

What made me raise my eyebrows is that the three councillors fail to acknowledge that it is their party, in coalition with the Conservatives in government, that has agreed a policy of draconian cuts which local authorities, like ESCC, are now forced to implement. The Lib Dems could have acted as a brake on a heartless Conservative Party, but instead they have supported their austerity programme.

If the Women’s Refuge, and other vital services are slashed by our County Council then the Lib Dems must share the blame with the Conservatives. There are alternatives to crushing austerity and I believe people are beginning to understand this as the economic policies of the Coalition fail.

Pauline Smithson