SOUTH MALLING SCHOOL: The Head says: It never rains but it pours. Following our tricky week with the snow and the burst pipe, we were hoping for a peaceful and uneventful week last week. Unfortunately, we arrived at school on Wednesday morning to find no electricity and therefore no heating, fire alarm, hot water, lunches or telephone and computer system, so we once again had to close the school. We soon discovered that a main electricity cable on the street had been cut the night before by ESCC Highways, during some maintenance work. UK Power engineers started work quickly and by mid morning, power was restored, so we were able to open the school by midday. We would like to thank all parents and carers for their cooperation and patience during this latest disruption. It was very much appreciated.

TRINITY SOUTH MALLING: (Parish church). After a couple of weeks in other venues, this coming week’s service is back in church again at the end of Church Lane. The service begins as usual at 9.30am. This week, it is Holy Communion led by our Associate Vicar, Revd Jeremy Bamber. Ian Graham will be giving the talk. We are also back again to teaching from Revelations which featured in University Challenge a couple of weeks ago. (It was good, for once, to have some chance of getting a set of questions right).

FOOD BANK: Last week Matthew Moulding, the Chair of the Residents Association, gave some information about the Food Bank, focussing on where the food comes from. Lewes Food Banks are increasingly working together and sharing food to ensure that it goes as far as it can do, helping each other out and making sure that there is enough and that nothing is wasted. Much of the food comes as straight food donations, as described last week. Money comes from good neighbours, churches and schools eg Harvest collections, or from individuals, making monthly donations. It is always welcome. Lewes Food banks are planning to work with similar organisations, such as the Helping Arms Eco project who seek to produce their own sustainable crops. Over summer, they are planning together to launch rehabilitation courses (back to work skills and health workshops with those suffering from medical problems) and working with ex military personnel and vulnerable children. Lots of help needed; lots planned. All possible because of dedication and hard work. People putting their community before themselves and deserving our help and thanks in every way. Thanks to Matt Moulding for the information.