TRINITY SOUTH MALLING: (Parish Church). On Good Friday, at 10am, there is a very powerful meditation ( from Iona ) at South Malling Church. If you got this paper early, you might make it. It lasts for about an hour. On Easter Saturday, in town, at half past each hour, starting at 10.30am at Eastgate Chapel and continuing onwards to further destinations at each hour through the town, a series of tableaux illustrate the story of Christ’s arrest and crucifixion, finishing at Cliffe precinct at 3.30pm. The tableaux are presented by the Lewes Passion Play Company, who are beginning to prepare for their next full play in 2020. Also on Saturday, South Malling Church holds their egg-filled Craft Morning (from 10am until noon) with its usual popular format for children and their attendant adults. Then, on Easter Sunday, there will be an Easter Communion Service beginning at 9.30am. Everyone is invited and welcome. Once again it will finish with an Easter Egg Hunt for the children (who are generous).

RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION: Malling Tenants and Residents Association are beginning to worry about the belt of trees that separates the Green at Malling Close, from Church Lane. ‘Are we meant to believe that these trees will survive house building on the Green here?’ asks a suspicious resident. The Association is determined to fight to save every tree and green space in Malling, which is beautifully situated but will need some serious battles if residents are to keep it this way. There is a willingness to lose areas which are already built-on (eg garages already in place and may need knocking down) but not one further inch of our green and pleasant estate, please.