SOUTH MALLING SCHOOL: We have had another very busy and productive week here at South Malling: Year 6 took part in the Plumpton Kit-Car Races on Saturday and did really well. Not only were they a fantastic team but they gained third place in both the drag and slalom races. Year 4 went on a trip to the Railway Land to find out about the wildlife there, as part of the Cross Town Project 4, 6, 8 in which children from all the Lewes schools will track any changes to the land every two years. Year 5 have been very successful with their Bikeability training. The trainer was particularly impressed with their attentiveness and focus. We held an online safety workshop for parents (see our website for more information) and on Friday we invited grandparents and relatives to come and enjoy their grand-children’s work, hear them sing and have a cup of tea with us. It is always lovely to meet the grandparents and to see, and hear, how proud they are of their grandchildren and how delighted the children are to have them in school.

TRINITY SOUTH MALLING: (Parish Church). This coming Sunday, there will be an informal Communion Service led by the Associate Vicar, Revd Jeremy Bamber. All are welcome. The service begins at 9.30am. Last Wednesday, the three Trinity Churches met at St John sub Castro for their first Annual Parochial Church Meeting, when the final part of the new parish’s existence as a legal entity came into place: Churchwardens, PCC and other formal Legal Church roles were elected/filled and celebrated in a cheerful and positive mood. There are still challenges, but a sense that things are going well and a determination to take the church out of the building in various ways, and open it to the community through a range of developments, including the formal opening of the cafe, coming soon, under the project title Love in Action.

RESIDENT’S ASSOCIATION: Malling Residents Association has begun the process of increasing the number of Grit Bins on the Malling estate. The application has now been made. The next step will include agreeing with the Highways Department just where they should go. Following this, there will be fundraising to raise the £275 per bin they will cost and following that, costs to fill them with grit ( the first time is free) and further costs to keep them filled. This has been a long-held ambition for association members and a huge benefit, if we are likely to get icy winters as a regular feature of the climate.