SOUTH MALLING SCHOOL: Last week parents and carers enjoyed two very different and interesting events at our school. On Wednesday we held a Science Fair to showcase all the wonderful science work the children have been involved in. There were models of hearts and lungs, cross sections of plants and experiments on rocks and soil, to name but a few. The children spoke eloquently to the adults, explaining their investigations as well as demonstrating their Scientist At Work bags and journals. On Thursday evening we were treated to a beautiful music concert with a wide range of instruments being played and some amazing singing. The children were really professional and the atmosphere was magical. Thank you to Mr Wooller for organising the Science Fair and to Miss O’Neill for masterminding the concert. The children are lucky to have you.

TRINITY SOUTH MALLING CHURCH: (Parish Church). The service this coming Sunday is Morning Prayer, with breakfast, a relaxed a friendly worship format. It begins at 9am with breakfast. The service starts at 9.30am. All are welcome. (Children move to their own activities once the service has started ). It is worth recording that, one of Malling’s sister Churches, St John sub Castro, won praise at last week’s wonderful Lewes Chamber Music Festival, whose larger concerts take place there. Trinity’s just about finished refurbishment of the building has not only ensured the church’s survival, both as a growing body of worshippers and an iconic building, it has also justified the commitment of Trinity St John’s Church leaders and the promises and ability of their architect, Peter Pritchett. The building’s acoustic is now being praised as better than ever and other changes have also made it a much more comfortable and usable building for its alternative use as a Concert Hall. At the Festival’s Christmas Concert last year, its prime mover and Artistic Director, Beatrice Phillips, spoke of how her enjoyment of music and playing in public was fostered in the Children’s Music group at St John’s, when they played there during Sunday services. She is now a professional musician with international connections, who, with her family, are enormous benefactors to her home town.

RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION: Malling Tenants and Residents Association say: Please come and enjoy Ouseday on Sunday July 1. There will be a parade of boats led by world-famous tenor Allan Clayton, a gig race, canoe races, food fair and the start of the spectacular 43rd annual raft race to Newhaven. The theme this year is Rock the Boat, in support of the threatened East Sussex Music Service and The Martlets music charity, the Starfish School of Rock and A Band of Brothers. Please buy the Ouseday Magazine to support our good causes and have a chance of winning £1,000. Each magazine is printed with a unique winning raft time. Magazines are available at Oakley Property, Tourist Information Centre, The Depot, Tesco and Intersport.