TRINITY SOUTH MALLING: (Parish Church). This coming Sunday there will be an informal service of Holy Communion led by the Associate Vicar, the Revd Jeremy Bamber. The Venerable Martin Lloyd Williams, Arch Deacon of Brighton and Lewes will be preaching and will also commission the newly refurbished bells, which have just recently been returned to use. The church has nine bells one large service bell, and a chime of eight smaller bells in a carillon. It is the carillon which has been refurbished. This will be rung regularly and will sufficiently serve the church’s purpose, to call worshippers to prayer and to mark important moments in its programme of prayer and service to the community, (such as weddings and funerals (if requested) and important public events). The Bell Tower is said to be the part of the church which was not completely knocked down when the original Deanery Church was destroyed under Henry the Eighth. The report from Nicholson Engineering, who were awarded the contract, found a finely made and carved oak bell frame, likely to be of the 14 to 15 hundreds, in the tower which bears this out. This coming Sunday’s service begins at 9.30am (listen for the bells around 9.20am). All are welcome. There are always children’s activities in the tower room, they rejoin their families for communion.

RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION: Malling Tenants and Residents’ Association. Residents of Hereward Way are being polled by Cllr John Lamb about whether they would like to encourage wildflowers on their verges. Lewes Town Council is now sharing responsibility with the County Council for funding the cutting of many of the grass verges in Lewes. Most verges will receive four cuts a year, but some verges will receive special treatment to encourage wildflowers to grow. Wildflower areas will only be cut twice a year and the cuttings removed to provide the best conditions for flowers to flourish. Selective planting of wildflowers will also take place when funds allow. Cutting verges less often, helps preserve rare wild flower species and provides a habitat for other wildlife. If you live in Hereward Way please contact John Lamb on to let him know which option you prefer: a) flowers in the grass or b) shorter verges.