SOUTH MALLING SCHOOL: We’ve had another busy, Christmas-themed week at school. We have all enjoyed a traditional Christmas lunch, the Key Stage 1 Christmas performance Lights, Camel, Action, the Secret Present shop, and today is the Christmas Fair organised by the fantastic Friends of South Malling. Although this time of year can be very hard work in schools with such a lot going on, it is also a very magical and special time bringing people together and helping us reflect on the warmth and support in our community.

TRINITY SOUTH MALLING: (Parish Church). This Sunday, Christmas begins with the Carol Service, starting at 6.30pm. The service proceeds by candle light and takes the form of readings and carols, with a small number of new items sung by the choir alone, but mostly the choir assists the congregation, so it becomes a real good sing, followed by real mulled wine and mince pies. The service is relatively short, ending with a chance to chat to neighbours and friends, with warm mulled wine (or fruit juice) and mince pies. You couldn’t start your Christmas in a better way. The morning service is Holy Communion, with the usual Music Group. This is the third Sunday of Advent, so this week’s candle reminds us of John the Baptist ‘a Voice crying in the wilderness’. Ian Graham will be speaking, asking the question Are Christians Hypocritical and Judgemental? The service begins at 9.30am. All are welcome. Please note as well, on Saturday December 22, there is a Craft Morning for children, from 10am to noon. These are very popular events, with good quality materials and light refreshments available.

RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION: Cllr John Lamb reports that Wildflower Lewes has progressed plans to sow yellow rattle seed onto a selection of verges in Malling. It will be done by Burley’s as a part of their community contribution. (Yellow Rattle helps other flowers to grow). Wildflower Lewes is keen to get people involved. Jo Carter on their behalf says, ‘the date chosen for seeding Yellow rattle in Malling is December 20.’ It’ll be a fun activity for kids too. If you are interested, send a message on the Wildflower Lewes Facebook page: https://m.facebook .com/wildflowerlewes/...