TRINITY SOUTH MALLING: (Parish Church). After a Good Christmas Season, with good attendances for most services, Trinity is settling down to its second year of existence. On Sunday, at South Malling, there is a fairly relaxed (informal) Service of Holy Communion, and Revd Jeremy Bamber will be asking the question, ‘Why do people believe in God when there is little evidence that He exists?’ The question will challenge those who are already Christians, to examine the basis of their faith and for those who are unsure, provide an opportunity to consider one of the biggest questions about Human existence. All are welcome. There is good provision for children in the Sunday Club. They rejoin their parents for communion, before the end. As always, the service begins at 9.30am and all are welcome.

RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION: At the Annual General Meeting last November, as you may have read, the association made a clear division between the Food Bank, with its own officers, organisation and financial management procedures, and the tenants association, which will provide oversight but focus specifically on tenants’ and residents’ needs. In the last of these reports, we saw members of the association’s management invited to a meeting with the police and local councillors, to discuss parking and other matters that affect tenants and residents, with some questions and issues to reflect upon. The committee is still looking at ways to provide more gritting for local drivers, though there are issues about cost and responsibility which need to be thought through. This year they are hoping to get young people more involved so that there can be more provision for them. The involvement of South Malling School in providing posters asking residents to be more responsible for cleaning up their dog waste, was regarded as the association’s most successful event last year, with a noticeable impact and they are hoping that this can be repeated again this year. People seem to be more challenged by the children’s posters than other more apparently professional ones. Good for them. This year, of course, we all hope to see the refurbished Community Centre coming into being, and our representatives need to be involved in ensuring that it serves the community and becomes a real focus for Malling. There are lots of other things to do, including the improvement of reliable, long-term provision to involve our children, especially during school holidays. Good luck to the new executive and to the revised provision for the Food Bank during this new year and Happy New Year to all.