TRINITY SOUTH MALLING: (Parish Church). This Sunday there will be an All Age Service, led by Dianne Hamilton, and Revd Jules Middleton will be speaking. Music will be led by Martin Dyer with the contemporary music group. The focus of teaching will be on children, who take part in the whole service this week. The service begins at 9.30am and all are welcome.

RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION: On New Year’s Day, Cllr John Lamb raised the issue of the empty buildings along the River, which are waiting for redevelopment. Why hasn’t work begun yet? Affordable housing, scheduled for its first phase, is in great demand. Marcus Taylor responds: it is not stalled. The 2016 planning permission set out a range of conditions required before work could commence. These have been pretty much completed and demolition is scheduled for spring,’now that all affected premises are empty.’ The appointment of contractors should begin soon. Consultation about later phases has already begun. The work to develop some of the buildings in phase 1 is due to start this week, units 1 to 11. So watch for action, but don’t hold your breath and let’s hope this optimism is rewarded. The houses are needed. Thanks for the update Marcus.