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Malling news

SOUTH MALLING SCHOOL: Parents often tell us that the way we teach maths is so very different to the way they were taught it when they were at school.

This week we have invited parents into classes so they can see a maths lesson in action and find out a bit more about what their child is learning and how they are learning it.

It’s been great to see so many parents in class to asking how they can help at home.

We really appreciate the support they give to their children’s learning. It makes a huge difference.


This coming Sunday, there will be a Communion service, led by Revd Jeremy Bamber, who will be teaching about Provision for vision.

The church season of Epiphany has now more or less come to an end and we enter a period referred to as Ordinary Time, a chance to look around and start to think about what will be needed before Lent, Palm Sunday and Easter.

The service is less formal (but no less worshipful) led by the music group, and begins at 9.30am.

It has good provision for children who join their parents for the communion itself towards the end of the service.

All are welcome.