Nevill news
Nevill news

LAWNS AND BINS: Whilst cutting my lawn on Sunday, I got to wondering if my Dad used to cut the lawn in October when I was ‘but a lad’, as he only had a push mower. He couldn’t afford a motor mower in those days. Therefore the lawn needed to be quite dry for a hand mower and the blades were dulled from use over the summer months and being on a hill, like a lot of lawns up here, it was very hard work. I still have the compost bin if anyone would like it. Its Friday 13 today. Does anyone worry about the superstition of it any more or has that died a natural death?

LANDPORT BOTTOM: Councillor Susan Murray was elected as Chair of the Landport Bottom Management Committee for the 2017/2018 municipal year. There was a suggestion to plant hazels to screen the path along the woodland edge of the Tumuli Field. This path was once part of the ‘woodland walk’ until the trees were cut down, which led to Friends of Landport Bottom being formed in 2014. Still no progress on the transfer of complete ownership to Lewes Town Council, currently Landport Bottom is shared between Lewes District and Lewes Town Councils. At Lewes District Council, the roles of Community Ranger and Assistant Community Ranger are disappearing. They will be replaced by new Special Advisor roles in January. The existing rangers can re-apply for these jobs, if they choose. There was concern expressed at the possible loss of the ranger service, as I understand the new job descriptions (like the job titles) are much more wide-ranging, in other words the Special Advisors may not necessarily be able to spend all their time on ‘ranger’ work. The Landport Bottom Management Committee’s next meeting (which is open to the public) is on Tuesday 6 March 2018 (11am at the Town Hall) and our next meeting of Friends of Landport Bottom is on Monday November 13 (7.30pm at St Mary’s Church Hall, Highdown Rd as usual).

NEVILL BONFIRE: Membership of the society is now available. New members of all ages are always very welcome to join in the celebrations, and not just from Nevill estate or indeed Lewes. Anyone who wants to be part of this unique celebration of the Gunpowder Plot in a friendly, family atmosphere can join and you don’t necessarily have to march to support the society. Help is very welcome on the night and throughout the year with many different activities and events. Membership will be available today, Friday, between 3pm and 8.30pm. The event will include an exhibition of the society’s history and a selection of society merchandise and costumes membership is also available from Sarah Earl (Membership Secretary) 7 East Street, Lewes, (Tel 472621) A Street Road Closure will be in force during our celebrations on Saturday October 21 from 5.30pm to the end of the celebrations at approximately 11.30pm. This will cover Nevill Road from the Prison Cross Roads to the junction at the Offham Road/Landport Road fork, Spital Road, De Montfort Road from the junction with Leicester Road to Nevill Road, Prince Edwards Road from the junction with Fitzjohns Road to Nevill Road, Mildmay Road, Christie Road, The Gallops and all of Nevill Estate. During this time vehicular movement in the area will not be permitted. Street Road Closure notices will be displayed nearer the time on all impacted roads with the full details. As with last year, our headquarters for the night will be St Marys Social Centre. We would ask that cars are not parked on the procession routes (see programme for details) to allow room for the processions to proceed in an enjoyable and safe manner.

ST MARY’S SUPPORTERS CLUB: An evening of traditional folk music tomorrow, Saturday, 8pm. All welcome. Friday October 27 is Bingo with cash prizes and raffle. Eyes down at 8.30pm.

CHRIST CHURCH: The week starts with another Christ Church Tots session for pre-school children and their carers on Friday morning from 9.30am to 11.30am. On Sunday morning at 10.30am, our worship will be led by Rev Jim Thorneycroft and include the baptism of Thea Parsons. It is a busy week for our House Groups with meetings for the Ecumenical Group on Monday at 8pm; the Nevill Group on Wednesday at 8pm; and the Cliffe Group on Thursday at 2.15pm.