CHRIST CHURCH: Once again we have a Christ Church Tots session for pre-school children on Friday morning from 9.30am to 11.30am. Morning worship on Sunday at 10.30am will be led by Rev Jim Thorneycroft. All are welcome. The service will include the baptism of Sarah Natasha Claire, who has been a regular church attender since she was born a year ago, delighting us all with her progress. After the service there will be a church walk in the Sussex countryside starting at 12.30pm. We are hoping the recent good weather extends through the coming weekend. The Think Tank meets again on Wednesday at 7.30pm. Local resident and broadcaster, Alex Kirby, will be asking: What have we done to the kingfishers? as he explores species loss in the modern world. Are we casually pulling apart the complex web of life on which we all depend? What are the consequences across the world, and here in Sussex? Come along and join in the discussion. All are welcome.

GARDENS: We like to visit NGS gardens when we can. Last weekend we went to Mayfield and viewed eight very different gardens, some of which were enormous. All were immaculate and beautifully laid out. When we asked if they had gardeners they said no, so we left in awe! In ours most of the work is done by my wife. I cut the lawn but as you get older the task be comes more arduous. I can remember my Dad used to grow vegetables up one side of the garden in Middle Way when he was in his sixties, not in raised beds, but digging very chalky soil, then putting in manure and reaping not a very good return for his labours. I tried it for a few years, which was enough for me. It then went to grass as much of it is chalk anyway.

ST MARY’S SUPPORTERS CLUB: Bingo Friday June 22, cash prizes and raffle. Eyes down at 8.30pm. Everyone welcome. On Saturday June 23 at 8.30pm there will be a tribute band to the shadows. Non members £2 entrance fee. Why not look on our website, to see what events are being held and how to make a booking.