ARE YOU HAPPY?: I do not know who was consulted when the question was asked, ‘How happy are you to live in Lewes’, but it turns out we are the most unhappy people in the country. Personally, I think its a lot of Tommy Rot. Now there’s an expression you don’t hear these days. Only very recently I heard Lewes was one of the best places to live. I would like to know just how much research this entailed and exactly how much of our money is poured into these pointless stupid exercises?

CHRIST CHURCH CHRIST: We have another Christ Church Tots session today, Friday, from 9.30am to 11.30am. The cost is £1 per session per family. This is our last session before a break next week for half-term. Looking ahead we have a Messy Church on the Friday of half-term week at 10.30am (Friday October 26) with craft activities, worship and lunch. All are welcome. Our Sunday morning worship at 10.30am is led by Dr Graham Campling, a regular preacher at our church. After the service we have a Church Walk, where we will be hoping for a fine autumn day for a walk in the Sussex countryside.

ST MARY’S SUPPORTERS CLUB: Bingo tonight, Friday, with cash prizes and raffle. Eyes down at 8.30pm. Everyone welcome. Come and join us for a great evening for all the family to play indoor skittles on Saturday October 27 starting at 7.30pm. There will be a ploughmans available to purchase for anyone who is feeling peckish. Tickets now available at the club. Why not look on our website, to see what events are being held and how to make a booking.