Parish Pump Lewes - April 19, 2013

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BOWLING: The bowling club’s 2013 season starts on Sunday with an Open Day. We welcome anyone of any age who would like to try their hand at bowling. Just turn up at the Sports Pavilion at 2.30pm. We will supply the woods (bowls), but you will need to wear flat shoes (not heels). Also we will supply refreshments and encouragement. If wet on the day still come along and meet the members. We would love to see you. For information contact Jas Osmond on 01273 400806.

WI: Many of us were transported back to school days at our April meeting when Derrick Hughes entertained us with a talk about his 17 years as a head teacher. Derrick failed his 11 plus, due at least in part to a history of absence from school due to illness. His education in a secondary modern school, where the teachers resorted to dishing out discipline with the slipper or a sharp rap on the knuckles with a ruler, did little to help him gain confidence, until he discovered music. Starting with the recorder, he went on to teach himself the classical guitar and to learn to play the clarinet. His A level in music enabled him to secure a place at Nottingham College to train as a teacher and he never looked back. His stories included a tale of a boy who was bitten on the nose by the class gerbil and another who swallowed a pencil which he had sharpened down to a fine point at each end. As his pay was so poor, Derrick took a job teaching three evenings a week at the local remedial centre and he was shocked when two boys escaped, using the local maps he had used in the very popular map reading classes. Unfortunately for them, they forgot to take a compass also. Derrick’s favourite moments were singing with large groups of children and telling stories (and dressing up as some of the characters). In his view, the most important thing was to look happy on a Monday morning and to make sure he talked to everyone. Derrick finished his talk with a rendition of a hornpipe on the recorder. After the break, Barbara Cornwell gave a summary of the Annual Council Meeting which she had attended and Dilys Skan told us about a visit made by a few of our members to Chailey Heritage for tea and to judge the Easter Bonnet competition. Eunice Parke’s enthusiasm for a talk given at the recent Lewes Group meeting about the Palace of Westminster encouraged us to explore the idea of a summer trip. Our next outing will be a guided walk around Brighton, followed by supper on Friday May 3. At the meeting on Tuesday May 14 we will discuss the resolution which will go forward to this year’s national AGM in Cardiff in June, following which there will be a make-up demonstration by Lauren Maclay. For further information, please contact Judith Hayward on 400693.

CRICKET CLUB signing on evening in the pavilion on Friday April 26 from 6pm. Young and old, previous and new members are warmly welcome to attend. There will be a bar and bar nibbles too.

CAKE SALE: Women’s Section of the Royal British legion, Barcombe Branch are holding a Cake Stall and Raffle tomorrow, Saturday, at Holdroyds (by kind invitation of Mr and Mrs Clive Williams) at 9am. Gifts of cakes etc for the stall or a prize for the raffle will be gratefully received.

DIARY DATE: Tuesday, July 2 at 7.45pm in the village hall. Visit of the Sussex Police Choir. (further details to follow).

FOOTBALL: Monday April 8: Barcombe 2 (N Roberts, A Wright), East Court 1. Saturday April 13: Ashurst Wood 3, Barcombe 2 (C Shoult, Awright).


COFFEE MORNING, hosted by Chailey Royal British Legion Women’s Section, is at Newick Community Centre tomorrow, Saturday, between 10am and midday. There will the usual refreshments plus homemade cakes and preserves, a tombola, fancy goods, books and cards.

NEARLY NEW SALE of baby and children’s clothing, toys and equipment is at the village hall tomorrow, Saturday, from 1pm to 2.30pm, with admission at £1.

FREE CONCERT for all ages is at St Peter’s Church tomorrow, Saturday, starting at 7.30pm. The performance will feature choirs from Plumpton Primary School, Chailey School and St Peter’s Church. There will also be an organ recital by Tim Guntrip. Martin Warner, the Bishop of Chichester, is visiting Chailey that afternoon and will attend the concert. Admission is free and light refreshments will be available in the interval. There will be a retiring collection for the Church Restoration Fund.

CHURCH SERVICES: St Peter’s Church services on Sunday are Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion at 8am and Parish Communion at 10am. The annual parochial church meeting takes place after this service. The council take responsibility for the financial affairs of the church and its care and maintenance so the meeting promises to be very informative. The Revd John Maskell will also be in church tomorrow, Saturday, from 8.30am to 9.30am and everyone is invited to join him in prayers. Transport can be arranged by calling Peter Martin on 01825 722680 or Teresa Wenban on 01825722586.

CAFE CHURCH in the village hall, on Sunday from 9.30am to 10.45am with Eric Corneliesse. At 6.15pm, at the Free Church, there is the third sermon in the series on What is the point? with Giles Woodcraft. Today’s sermon will be Going it alone? Let’s work together. Tea, coffee and biscuits after the service.

LAST NETS are at Plumpton College on Sunday from 5.30pm to 7pm. Whether you wish to play league cricket on Saturdays or friendly cricket on Sundays, on a regular or less regular basis, all members of the cricket club will make you most welcome.

PARISH COUNCIL meet at the Reading Room on Tuesday at 7.30pm. Members of the public may attend and will be able to make representations if they so wish.

INFORMATION POINT session is on Friday April 26 when the parish clerk with be at the Coffee Stop, Free Church, from 10am to midday to assist with any questions you have.

WINE TASTING evening, organised by St Peter and St James Hospice Newick and Chailey Support Group, is on Friday April 26 at 8pm. Tickets are £15 from Charlotte Church (01825 722454) to include canapés.

LIVE MUSIC at the Five Bells on Friday April 26, starting at 9pm, with Road Dogs UK.

TOY and Rail Collectors Fair is on Saturday April 27 from 10am to 4pm at the Bluebell Railway. There will be stalls on the platform and a marquee within the station car park with railway artefacts and model railway equipment. Admission costs £3 per person which covers both station and marquee.

FETE: St George’s Day Fete is at the sports ground, just off the A2722, on Saturday April 27 from noon to 4pm. It will be a great family afternoon and refreshments will be on hand. So far there are 15 stalls booked but there is still space for more. If you wish to have a stall (which are the size of a standard gazebo) the cost is £10 and can be booked by calling Richie Jarvis on 01273 400989 or at

cooksbridge, offham & hamsey

CHURCH SERVICES: St Peter’s Church, Sunday, 8am Holy Communion; 10.15am Sunday Club in the church hall; 10.30am Parish Communion followed by coffee in the church hall.

REMINDER: On Sunday April 28 the lovely gardens at Offham House will be open from 1pm to 5pm.

AGM: St Peter’s Church will hold their annual general meeting on Tuesday April 30 at 8pm in the church hall. This is the meeting when the churchwardens are elected, then moving on to the major part of the meeting in which the accounts for 2012 are received, followed by reports on the state of the church buildings and of the various church organisations. Then comes the election for the parochial church council and nominations for sidespeople. A particularly important action this year is to receive the revised Electoral Roll. Each year minor changes are made which reflect people joining or moving away. Every sixth year the roll has to be shredded and a new one created. So everyone, aged 16 years or more, if you want to continue on the church roll or to join it, please make sure you complete the (brief) form and hand it in. Forms are available from the church or from the rectory.

HAMSEY CHURCH is used for Sunday worship on the first Sunday of the summer months from May to September inclusive. The first service of the Hamsey season is on Sunday May 5 with Holy Communion at 8am and Evensong at 6pm. The May Evensong is always a Rogation service in which the Rector, choir and congregation process into the churchyard for the blessing of the crops. Parish Communion remains the same at 10.30am in St Peter’s Church. In preparation for the summer season Hamsey Church will need spring cleaning, so there will be a working party to do just that. If you are able to help please contact Caroline Featherstone on 01273 477521.

RECTOR REPORTS: Sidespeople play a very important role in the church especially to welcome people and a number of people I know have started to attend church here in Offham because of the welcome they received on their first visit. It is great to welcome Callum Pool as our youngest sidesperson and it was good to see Bill Hudson back.

SDNP: Last month there was a meeting between South Downs National Park Authority and parish councils. East and West Sussex parishes were invited to send a representative to the meeting, looking at the policies which might make up the management plan for the national park. As parish council chairman Justin Harmer was unable to attend, Jenni Toomey the parish clerk took on the role. Prior to the meeting she asked for input from the PC on matters they wanted to raise and any specifics they wanted to see (or not see) in the management plan. Cllr Armstrong wanted to see cohesive signage throughout the park area, but Cllr Ginn did not want to see additional signs, preferring a reduction in signs if given the choice. There were no other suggestions. The clerk raised the question of signs and a compromise will be reached. Additional signs are not proposed, however there is the opportunity for existing village signs, notice boards etc to include the SDNP branding. A package is already available to include literature etc, especially useful for businesses wanting to promote within the park. Sustainable access and transport to and within the park is a high priority and there seems to be the resources to back this up. With the current proposed changes to bus services in the parish, this might be an opportunity to get the SDNP involved. They are sponsoring a circular walk from Cooksbridge Station but there is no bus or train service on a Sunday. They do have enough money to put on extra services and are very supportive. The clerk spoke at length about the wish for a safe cycle path from Cooksbridge to Lewes. It might also be possible to include some funding for a footway along Beechwood Lane from the station to the village hall, and on to access the Downs. East Chiltington PC are working with SDNP towards providing an off road route alongside the B2116.

HAMSEY PC: When the parish council met last month a couple of suggestions were put forward. Possible grant funding for Offham. The idea follows a meeting between Hamsey PC and Ian Johnson of ESCC Highways. The PC wanted to slow traffic through the conservation area of Offham and suggested village gateways. Whilst not against the idea Cllr Ian Ginn felt they were not always effective as a stand alone option. A discussion then took place about the area felt to be the heart of the village, a triangle at the junction of the Drove. It was felt if this area was more attractive and gave the area a focal point, it might reinforce the village feel and encourage traffic to have rather more respect for the speed limit. Suggestions were: Removal of the totally out of keeping and underused BT modern phone box; replacement of the litter-bin with a traditional design; improvement to the bus shelter, which is quite an historic building, (this will include some new signage inside related to the SDNP Heritage Walk which will start from this point); placing the green utility box to the side of the shelter; planting or paving the Tarmac triangle; a village sign, possibly to be made by the village blacksmith which could also incorporate the bus stop sign and improvements to road signage which is presently quite a mess. The Blacksmith’s Arms is always nicely planted throughout the spring and summer and volunteers could clear weeds and overgrowing grass from the pavement. Depending on the size of the grant, village gateways are still considered to be a good addition, especially as they could incorporate the slogan - Offham, a village within the South Downs National Park. One thing desperately needed, according to the PC, is an area for walkers to park when accessing the paths to the Downs. The parish council has tried for a number of years to provide parking just down the Drove.


MUSIC: Last Saturday’s concert was wonderful. Helen Parsons took us through the clarinet in all its forms and played some beautiful music on the instruments she had brought. My favourite was the wonderful Prayer. In spite of the vile weather, the concert was so popular we ran out of programmes so I’m afraid I can’t give you more details of the music. The first concert in May will be our Festival Fringe event Clara Ross: Brighton’s Best Kept Secret? on May 11.

EXHIBITION: Those stewarding and visiting the exhibition He is Risen, showing at St Laurence until May 5 at weekends, have been treated to some wonderful live music too. We have had flute music on Sundays and a pianist has come in to entertain visitors too. You may be lucky if you come to see the exhibition and get the added bonus of live music. The show is receiving a lot of very enthusiastic comments in our visitors’ book.

NATURE NOTES: I am reliably informed the first housemartins have been spotted in Falmer South. The cottages on this side of the village are usually used by the birds as nesting places, being convenient for the collection of mud from the edge of the pond. The birds will probably not start nesting until May. As well as housemartins, my Falmer South nature correspondent tells me a bat was seen feeding from over the pond surface in broad daylight. This was on the first day we have had that was warm enough for insects to be flying. We have our share of interesting birds here in Falmer North. A very fine pheasant has been visiting us for some time. Recently he has been joined by a female. These birds are ridiculously tame. I spotted a hen pheasant walking down a path on Sussex University campus recently completely ignoring all the students passing by. I was rather upset recently to find a huge pile of mucky twigs and branches outside the back door of the village hall. Who could have made such a mess, I wondered. I am usually the only person to come in via the back door, as I stood there I heard the unmistakable kack, kack of a jackdaw. He swooped over my head and proceeded to try and cram an enormous twig into a very small hole high up in the wall, of course most of it broke off and fell on the ground. Mystery solved.


KINGSTON WI: Kingston Parish Hall was quickly transformed on April 5 from the 21st century back to the mid 18th century when over 40 WI members listened to the 17 members of Sussex Harmony who gave their graphic interpretation of the music performed in the West Gallery of Sussex churches from the mid 1700s to just before 1853. This transformation happened because all the musicians and singers were dressed in authentic peasant costumes, smocks, breeches, tricorn hats, buckled shoes, linen caps, mittens, woollen shawls, long warm dresses and several instruments similar to that era such as the psaltery were played. The 18th century music of the West Gallery was composed by ordinary villagers, the miller, the carpenter etc which was a remarkable feat for those who probably had had no prior musical knowledge. Much of this music is stored in the Barbican Museum in Lewes. Sussex Harmony gave the Institute a wonderfully fascinating evening. The competition, Musical Artefacts, attracted a wide range of entries and the winning contribution was Penny Crawley’s first edition of the compositions of Richard Strauss. The business section of the evening was chaired by the president, Barbara Cunningham, who reminded members of the group activities of pilates, singing, book club, the monthly walk on Wednesday, and tap dancing. The latter would welcome members and non-members who have had some experiences of tap, perhaps as a child, and who would like to continue this lively and entertaining exercise. The class operates on the second and fourth Thursday of the month, 7.30pm to 8.45pm (contact 475751). Barbara circulated a board for suggestions from members for speakers for the 2014 programme. Mary Cattermole reported on the Federation Annual Meeting which she attended as the Kingston Institutes delegate on March 25. She said attending the meeting was really worthwhile as it enabled members to connect with the Federation. Pippa Greenwood was one of the speakers and was asked many a pertinent question on gardening, and Ruth Bond was also a speaker. She gave an account of her busy life as the chairman of the National Federation and she delighted her audience with anecdotes of her meetings with a huge variety of people including the Queen, the Prime Minister, David Attenborough and more poignantly a woman prisoner who had joined the WI while serving her sentence. Barbara reminded members the next meeting will be at the school on May 2 when there will be a discussion for and against the East Sussex Federations choice of the resolutions proposed. This is that the WI calls on decision makers to work collectively at all levels to help bring an end to the decline of our high streets and to ensure high streets flourish and provide a focal point for communities. (Janice Barber).


BRIDGE CLUB: Tuesday April 2 Ladder: 1, Mike Keeping and Richard Burnett; 2, Peter Cattermole and Jennifer Wilson, Paul Allen and Rosemary Land. April 9 Butler Pairs; 1, Paul Allen and Roy Skan; 2, Simon Fishburn and Richard Pearson; 3, Mike Keeping and Janet Cattermole. Thursday April 4: 1, Anne Davison and Edith Jeffery; 2, Frank Hibbert and Roy Skan; 3, Nigel Osmer and Jennifer Wilson. April 11 Teams: 1, Sheila Cripps, Elizabeth Rodger, Frank Hibbert and Roy Skan. Lewes Bridge Club meets Tuesday evenings and Thursday afternoons. Contact number 01273 473026.

FOOTPATHS GROUP: What a joy the bitter wind that has been plaguing us for so long had dropped and our last Sunday downland walk took place in April sunshine. Twenty-one of us started off from the car park in Firle and after passing through the village we tackled the long steep climb up Firle Bostal to reach the South Downs Way. We even had to stop on the way up to shed some of our heavier layers of clothing. We swung left at the top of the Bostal to join the South Downs Way and continued for a mile or so enjoying spectacular views on both sides. We took our coffee stop in the warm sunshine before making our way down the steep slopes of escarpment now free from the mud which has afflicted such footpaths throughout the winter. Two thirds of the way down we encountered a dozen or so native ponies partly blocking our path but we were able to sidle around without disturbing or alarming them. We continued along level paths and then went through a gate into Firle Place parkland and so back to our starting point. The walk was led by Janet. The next walk is on Sunday at Burwash. Meet at top North Street car park for a 9.30am start.

TABLE TOP SALE for St John’s tomorrow, Saturday, 9.30am to 1pm at Cliffe Church Hall, Cliffe High Street. Home made cakes and jams, books, cards, glass and other collectables, bric-a-brac. Admission free. All welcome.

GIVE BLOOD: There will be blood donor sessions at the Corn Exchange, Assembly Room, from 2pm to 4.30pm and 5.30pm to 8pm on Thursday.


SCHOOL NEWS: On Tuesday and Wednesday of this past week, Year 5 had an overnight trip to the brand new YHA Hostel at Southease. MP Norman Baker arranged for the children to be the first school group to try it out. All expenses paid. Children spent Tuesday night and all of Wednesday there, undertaking activities including shelter building, bushcraft and team building. On Wednesday, other school leaders were invited to join them to find out how it all went and see what the children thought of the new Youth Hostel. As you can imagine, the children were very excited. They achieved another first, this was the first time the school has taken a Year 5 group away. The school is delighted to have been invited and grateful their effort and determination to develop the outdoor curriculum was recognised in such a brilliant way.

SOUTH MALLING CHURCH said farewell to their vicar and his wife, Al and Harriet Pickering, last Sunday. In his final service he baptised little Usain John Graham, who was welcomed into the church family, with old friends from his own family coming back to church, having moved away some time ago. At the end of the service, Churchwarden Trevor Pearce thanked Al and his family for all they had done for the church and school in the past three years. They were promised a cheque (there were still contributions coming in so he’ll get that later) and given an original painting of the church by a local artist for their new home. One of the children’s club leaders, Jean Pengelly, gave Harriet a voucher for orchids and the family a pass for a family day at Drusillas. Churchwarden Ian Graham said a prayer for their new ministry. There was also a reception in the afternoon, which was very well attended, including a fair number of people who hadn’t been able to make the morning service. We wish Al and Harriet well. This Sunday, there will be a service of Morning Prayer at 9.30am. The Annual Parochial Church Meetings are on Sunday April 28 at 11am in church.

SOUTH MALLING MAN, dauntless Dominic Lyons of Old Malling Way, who jumped from a parachute last year on behalf of Clic Sargent, is going for a second jump in September, this time in the attempt at a world record. Supporters of the cancer charity are aiming to smash the Guinness World Record for the most tandem parachute jumps (330 plus) (from different locations) in 24 hours. To participate, he has to raise £450. More details later. Last Sunday, he was running the Brighton Marathon on behalf of Cancer Research. Donations can be made via the Just Giving website.

mobile library

THE LIBRARY will be visiting the following areas this week. Tuesday: Berwick village hall noon to 12.30pm; opposite Lamb Inn, Ripe 2pm to 2.25pm; Laughton village school 2.45pm to 3.30pm.


MY BLOG: We hope the Nevill Shares was well supported and I’m sure someone will let me know for next week. We hope to visit some NGS gardens this summer. Looking through the catalogue there are several we would like to see as well as some NT ones and they all need our support. We are having our first trip out with the Riverside Club this week to Rochester.

CHRIST CHURCH: Worship on Sunday at 10.30am will be led by Valerie Colgate and at 6.30pm Evening Worship with Holy Communion will be conducted by Rev Geoffrey Whitfield. Today is the start of our summer term for our Tots group and we look forward to seeing them and their carers and we are hope the weather will allow us to soon use the Church garden during the Friday morning group. On Wednesday the ThinkTank will meet from 7.30pm to 9pm and Dr Tim Beech will be leading the evening on Shepherding the Downs, Nature Conservation and Food Production. This is an open event for anyone who is interested.


THE COUNTRY MARKET will be open today, Friday, in the village hall from 10am to 11am. There is a good selection of goodies to purchase, vegetables, cooked meals, cakes, plants, flowers, eggs plus local cheese.

COFFEE MORNING: Just to remind you of the Chailey Women’s British Legion coffee morning at the Community Centre tomorrow, Saturday, from 10am till noon. Cake stall, tombola, fancy goods, and cards will be on sale.

SUNDAY SERVICES at St Mary’s Church are Holy Communion (BCP) at 8am and at 10.30am the Informal Church will take place.

DIARY DATES: Newick Bonfire Society will hold a coffee morning in the Community Centre from 8am till 1pm on Saturday April 27. There will also be Spring Car Boot Sale on the Village Green, bookings for vans £10, cars £8, please telephone 01825 722418.

WI: Newick Green WI will meet on Thursday at 7.45pm in the Community Centre, the speaker will be Daphne Bulmer, she will bring along all the necessary equipment to Get Hooked on Pottery Painting. pells

ST JOHN SUB CASTRO CHURCH: We bade a sad goodbye to our vicar, Rev Al Pickering, and his family last weekend, but we are pleased that they will be staying in Lewes so we hope to maintain our links with them. Our services in church will continue as usual, with Morning Praise on Sunday at 11am led by Rev Dick Field. This will be preceded by the annual meeting at 9.30am. We hope all those on our electoral roll will be able to come as we shall be discussing future plans for St John’s, and have some good news to share.


MORE SADNESS: Rather belatedly I learned of the death of Johnny Smith, following an illness. The funeral has taken place. Latterly he lived in Lewes but, with his family, was a longstanding resident of Plumpton.

RUGGER TRIUMPH: Plumpton hosted league leaders Crawley at the weekend. Crawley, unbeaten since November, losing their 11 game unbeaten run as Plumpton ran out 13-12 winners. Plumpton had never beaten Crawley, last hosting the side in a 104-0 loss over 20 years ago. Plumpton boasted a strong revamped side, despite missing their captain Steve Cropper and regular fly half. However with new Captain Rob Blake taking charge they still had a starting 15 that felt confident going into the game. The wet weather played into Plumpton’s hands with a slippery ball and strong wind leading to a tight game, which was played at a frenetic pace. Both sides looked dangerous but the boot of Rob Blake took advantage of the wind in the first half to convert two penalties. The game was played in driving rain, even Plumpton’s pitch, considered by many to be the driest in the county, struggled to absorb the rain. The front row of Craig Wells, Rob Blake and Elliott also made significant yardage with the ball and, along with Ed Bowman were unlucky not to score. Plumpton were unlucky to concede a try in the first half, unconverted, as Crawley took advantage of the blind side to score. Plumpton were only one point up at half time and now playing uphill and against the wind. Grant Restieaux, Joe Hodgkiss and Alex Aston were even more dominant in the second half during loose play, both managing to steal the ball from the opposition on more than one occasion, with dynamic number 8 Steve Blake tearing into the Crawley forwards time and time again from tap penalties and from the base of the scrum. With new fly-half Rhys Beale combining at half back with his brother Lewis Beale, the attractive looking partnership asked plenty of questions of their opposition, with the ball being played into the corners of the pitch, as well as powerful tackling to nullify any attack. Crawley looked nervous at times; they made a number of substitutions, but were still unable to match Plumpton in physicality or creativity. During a strong phase of play by Plumpton in the 2nd half, centres Justin Smith and Dan Franks combined to put Plumpton close to the Crawley line. As series of penalties were conceded by Crawley under their posts, before man of the match Lochie Elliot drove over to score, converted by Lewis Beale. Crawley were rattled and now needed to score twice to win. They turned up the pressure on Plumpton with some strong running. Last gasp powerful tackling by Jo Bryant, Ben Carter, Liam Dunkley and Gareth Laurens however saving Plumpton. Crawley did score a well converted try out wide, but as the seconds ticked by Crawley were unable to find any further points. Man of the match Lochie Elliot. This weekend Plumpton travel to Worcester, before Crowborough on the April 27 for their final game of the season.

PLUMPTON WI: The speaker at our April meeting was Heather Woodward from the National Trust who spoke about Mrs Ronald Grenville who lived at Poleden Lacey. The daughter of a wealthy brewer, she became one of the great society hostesses of her time. She was a great collector and bequeathed her jewellery collection to the Queen Mother. Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, May 8 at 7.30pm in Plumpton village hall when we will discuss and vote on the resolution for the national AGM. Visitors are always welcome. (Marilyn Nye)


FOOTBALL CLUB: Firstly everyone at the club would like to wish Ian Linstrem a speedy recovery after suffering a nasty leg break whilst playing for the Veterans just over a week ago. Tonight, Friday, The Caburn plays host again to Mid Sussex Championship side AFC Ringmer when they play Turner’s Hill in a league fixture with a 7.30pm kick off and there is no entry charge for this match. Tomorrow, Saturday, the first team travel to Lingfield for their league fixture whilst the Reserves are at home to Mile Oak with both games kicking off at 3pm as usual. On Tuesday evening the first team are at home to Redhill in a league fixture with a 7.45pm kick off and on Thursday evening the Reserves travel to Littlehampton Town also for a league fixture. On the social side tickets are now on sale at the clubhouse for the family Summer Review which takes place on June 21 and 22 with tickets priced at £8 for adults and £6 for concessions.

NEARLY NEW SALE: Do remember this Sale being held in the village hall by Ringmer Tiddler and Toddlers tomorrow, Saturday, from 10.30am to noon. High quality clothing/equipment for 0 to 6 years will be on sale and all welcome.

ANNUAL Parochial Church Meeting on Sunday, at 11.15am in church after the main service. It is hoped the different time will encourage those who find evenings difficult to stay and hear what has been going on as well as to elect new representatives and comment on the work and worship of our church.

FAMILY CROQUET: If fine do try to get along to the Cheyney Field from 2pm to 4pm on Sunday. There will be activities and games for the children whilst the adults can have a go at croquet. Drinks available but do bring chairs/rugs. No charge but donations welcome. For more information contact Jonathan Franklin on or ring 01273 813189.

BRIDGE CLUB: The result of the duplicate pairs played on April 10 was: 1, Pam Brook and David Warner; 2, Frank Hibbert and George Montgomery; 3, Liz and Tim Owen. The next meeting is on Wednesday at 7.30pm. Contact number for the club is 814220.

CONCERT in St Mary’s Church on Saturday, April 27, at 2.30pm. A variety of music for flute and harp, flute Anne Hodgson, harp Sally Course. The audience are most welcome to join the performers for refreshments after the concert and there will be a retiring collection in aid of St Peter and St James Hospice. This concert is in aid of Keetje Steele, a popular figure in Ringmer and a dear friend of many, and she will be present.

LADIES’ PAMPER Evening at Ringmer Primary School on Friday May 10, 6.30pm to 10pm. Do go along and get pampered with a range of gorgeous treatments which will include Indian head massage, reflexology, aromatherapy and reiki. Admission £5 in advance/£6 on the door. This includes a free glass of wine or soft drink. Tickets available at Middletons shop, Ringmer Wine Store, the Primary School Office or the Nursery School. Mini treatments will be bookable with the therapists on the night. Prices start from around £5.

WAITROSE: Ringmer Village Hall Extension Appeal has been selected by Waitrose Lewes to be one of three organisations to receive funds depending on how its customers vote in its Community Matters programme. Please place your green tokens in the Ringmer Village Hall box in the store to ensure it receives the maximum amount possible.

THANKS: The members of the St Mary’s Art Groups wish to thank all those people who supported their Easter Art Exhibition in the Church Room. This proved to be one of their most successful ever with 112 pictures exhibited by 26 different artists. 27 of the paintings were sold and artists gave £189 to church funds with a further £87 collected in the donation basket. Anne Stamper has sold 25 copies of her book Drawing Ringmer Church and so a further £25 went to church funds.


DAFFODILS: I was not amused to hear from a villager that over the Easter period she was amazed to see a blue car stop in The Street, outside, and someone get out, pick a large bunch of daffodils from the ones I planted on our outside banks, put them on the seat of the car and drive down the village. Thinking it may have been a friend of mine she was reluctant to say anything but did report it to me later. As I’ve said before, I planted this bank with bulbs at my own expense to give pleasure to all who live or visit the village. Some thanks this episode was.

CLEAR UP: The latest churchyard clear-up was a great success and lots of people turned up to do their bit.

DON’T FORGET it’s the annual Parish Assembly tonight, Friday, at 7.30pm in the village hall. Subjects coming up are: Broadband, traffic calming, dogs, Monks House and roads and paths.

MUSIC: Our pub, the Abergavenny Arms, will be holding a lunch club on the second Tuesday of each month from May. Contact Jon or Lucie for more details or see

THE BOOK GROUP meets on the fourth Monday of the month, 8pm at the pub to discuss books selected by members. Details from Jenny Wight (

BRIDGE in the village hall every Wednesday 7.30pm to 9.30pm. New players always welcome. Please contact Christine Isitt on 01273 475943.

THE CAMERA CLUB meets once a month. If you are interested in joining contact Bob Foster at

THE COFFEE CLUB for locals of any age (fourth Wednesday of the month) for coffee, cakes and socialising. Please contact Sam Barlow, Sara Last or Judith Bradbury.

CRICKET: The first game is on May 12. If you are interested in joining contact Spencer Prosser at

CUBS: 1st Rodmell and Northease Cub Group has 21 boys and girls aged between 7 1/2 and 12 1/2 years old. They meet on Thursdays in term time at the village hall, 6.30pm to 8pm.

I WAS TAKEN by my god-daughter Sharon to see The Sound of Music by Lewes Operatic Society on Saturday. It was a very good show and it’s lovely to see all the support they get. I hear almost all performances were 90 percent sold.