Parish Pump Uckfield - 21 September 2012

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Bodle Street Green

CHURCH SERVICES: Sunday, St John’s Bodle Street: 9.30am Morning Prayer. Warbleton Parish Church: 11am Holy Communion. St Giles, Dallington: 10am Communion (BCP).

3D GALA: The equipment in the village hall has been upgraded, and is now capable of showing high definition 3D films. To celebrate this their will a 3D Gala evening on Friday October 5 at 6.45pm. Martin Scorsese’s first 3D film Hugo will be shown. Sparkling wine and canapés will be served at 6.45pm, then supper will be served with the film starting at 8.15pm. Tickets are £15 and are available from Bryan on 01323 833554 or Geoff on 01323 833343. Further events are a charity soup kitchen (noon) and a race night (7pm) on October 27 and opera from Sydney Opera House (in HD) on November 24.

TEN CANOES: This is not a reaction to this summer’s weather but the title of this month’s offering from the Film Club. Doors open at 7pm in the village hall with the film starting at 7.30pm.


FETE: The final figure has come in from the Burwash Common playing field’s old fashioned village fete. The organisers are saying that it is probably one of the best they have held, in all respects, the weather, the visitors and all the stall holders and competitions, and wish to thank you all for getting involved, going along and making it so. They are pleased to say that £4000 was raised, the most ever, Well done to everyone who worked so hard to make it such a success.

LUNCH: The monthly Age Concern lunch club will meet on Monday at noon in The Bear Motel. Anyone who is 55 years and over are welcome to go along and enjoy a delicious two course lunch for just £8. This is a nice friendly occasion to meet up with friends and make new ones. To book a place or for transport if needed, you should contact Jazz Botting on 01435 882033 or Heather Lewis on 882080 or Maddie Ashbee on 883233.

MEETING: The Burwash Branch of the Royal British Legion will have a meeting on Monday evening, meeting in the Rose and Crown at 8pm. With the poppy appeal looming they will have much to discuss. all members are welcome to attend. You do not have to have been in any of our armed forces to be a member of the British Legion. If you are interested and wish to find out more please call Charles Merchant on 01435 882360 or Sir Frank Sanderson on 882345.

PANTOMIME: On Wednesday evening the Burwash Amateur Pantomime Society (BAPS) will be holding their AGM in the meeting room at the village hall at 8pm.They will be preparing for their new production, and looking for willing volunteers for stage, and behind the scenes. If you are interested in am-dram then do go along on Wednesday evening.

COFFEE MORNING: On Saturday September 29, there will be a coffee morning in aid of Macmillan Nurses in the Scout Hut. If you can help, ie cakes, time etc then please call Heather Lewis on 10435 882080. Your support will be invaluable.

BOOKS AND PUZZLES: A new venture began a few weeks ago to coincide with the visit of the mobile library to the village. From 11.30am until 12.30pm you are invited to go along to the village hall for coffee, where there will also be books and jigsaw puzzles to browse and buy. All takings will go to the village hall maintenance funds. If you have books or puzzles you would like to donate, please call Shirley Viney on 01435 882497 or Linda Maude-Roxby on 882243. Why not pop along and see what they have.


AUTUMN SHOW: Chiddingly Horticultural Society’s last show of the year a sunny autumn day, a good crowd and some lovely exhibits. Fewer vegetables than usual (the weather? rabbits?), but some lovely dahlias, excellent photographs and cookery, and some charming children’s drawings, competing to illustrate next year’s Schedule.

Dahlias: Small decorative: 1, John Ford (and this exhibit was best in show); 2, Holly Dann. Small cactus: 1, John Ford; 2, Holly Dann. Miniature cactus: 1, Holly Dann; 2, John Ford. Miniature Ball: 2, Holly Dann. Any other classification: 1, Holly Dann; 2, John Ford. One specimen: 1, Holly Dann; 2, John Ford. Chrysanthemums, three blooms: John Ford; three sprays, John Ford. Ornamental Grass or Sedge: 1, Holly Dann; 2, Patricia Debley; 3, John Debley. African marigolds: 1, Holly Dann. Any annual: 1, Daphne Robinson; 2, Christine Fairway; 3, John Ford. Fuschias: 1, Joan Harriot; 2, Patricia Debley; 3, Dennis Brown. Roses: 1, Dennis Brown; 2, Caroline Manning; 3, Winnow Hardy. Spray of flowers or shrub: 1, Daphne Robinson; 2, Queenie Cornford; 3, Winnow Hardy. Collection of flowers: 1, John Ford; 2, Christine Fairway; 3, Pauline Thorpe. Any other flowers, three stems: 1, Janet Gasson; 2, Dennis Brown; 3, Queenie Cornford. Pot plant (max 178mm diameter): 1, Caroline Manning (Best in Show). Pot plant (over 178mm): 1, Queenie Cornford. Orchid: 1, Dave Harrison; 2, Linda Alsop; 3, Queenie Cornford.

Fruit and Vegetables. Basket of five different vegetables: 1, John Ford; 2, William Simmonds. White potatoes: 1, William Simmonds. Leeks: 1, Dave Harrison; 2, Winnow. Hardy onions from sets: 1, Dave Harrison; 2, John Ford; 3, Winnow Hardy. Two butternut squashes: 1, Holly Dann; 2, John Ford. Vegetable marrow: 1, John Ford; 2, Phyllis Simmonds. Shallots: 1, John Ford. Tomatoes: 1, William Simmonds; 2, John Debley; 3, Linda Alsop. Cherry tomatoes: 1, Patricia Debley; 2, Roland Thorpe. Beetroot: 1, Phyllis Simmonds; 2, William Simmonds; 3, John Ford. Runner beans: 1, John Ford; 3, Linda Alsop. A pumpkin: 1, John Ford; 2, Winnow Hardy. Two other vegetables: 1, Roland Thorpe; 2, John Ford; 3, Janet Gasson. The oddest-shaped vegetable, Winnow Hardy; the largest onion, Linda Alsop; the longest bean, William Simmonds; the tastiest carrot, Phyllis Simmonds. Desert apples: 1, Sue Cornford; 2, John Debley; 3, Phyllis Simmonds. Culinary

apples: 1, Holly Dann; 2, Ann Nicholls. Any other fruit: 1, Sally Willcocks; 2, Winnow Hardy; 3, Patricia Debley.

Decorative. At The Water’s Edge: 1, Daphne Robinson; 2, Julie Biggs Wood. berries and foliage: 1, Julie Biggs; 2, Holly Dann; 3, Daphne Robinson. Diamond Jubilee: 1, Julie Biggs; 2, Holly Dann; 3, Daphne Robinson. Petite exhibit: 1, Holly Dann; 2, Daphne Robinson. Miniature, foliage only: 1, Daphne Robinson; 2, Julie Baker; 3, Julie Bigg.

Cookery. Lemon swiss roll: 1, Julie Baker; 2, Queenie Cornford; 3, Terry Fairway. Savoury scones: 1, Helen Miness; 2, Sue Cornford; 3, Georgina Carter. A focaccia loaf: 1, Georgina Carter; 2,

Dave Harrison; 3, Julie Baker. Dish of coleslaw: 1, Julie Baker; 2, Helen Miness. Winter fruit salad: 1, Julie Baker; 2, Christine Fairway. Tray Bake: 1, Sue Cornford; 2, Patricia Debley; 3, Daphne Robinson. Double-crust fruit pie: 1, Georgina Carter; 2, Julie Baker; 3, Sue Cornford. Baked apple: 1, Terry Fairway; 2, Julie Baker; 3, Daphne Robinson. Jar of jam: 1, Daphne Robinson; 2, Phyllis Simmonds; 3, Christine Fairway.

Photography. My Garden: 1, William Simmonds; 2, Holly Dann; 3, Julie Biggs. Clouds: 1, Phyllis Simmonds; 2, William Simmonds; 3, Holly Dann. A gathering: 1, Holly Dann; 2, Julie Biggs; 3, Ann Nicholls.

Art and Craft. A knitted article: 1, Patricia Debley; 2, Julie Baker. Re-cycle something: 1, Julie Baker; 2, Daphne Robinson.

Children’s Classes. Photograph of person/people or animal/s 5 years and under: 1, Georgie Lampshire; 2, Demi Harvey; 3, Jessica Emery. 8 and 9 years: 1, Pippa Harris; 2, Robyn Clark; 3,

Emily McHale. 12 years and over: 1, Zoe Cornford. Small carved pumpkin or squash 5 years and under: 1, Jessica Emery. 12 years and over: 1, Zoe Cornford.

Cup Winners: Dahlia Challenge Cup, John Ford; Chrysanthemum Challenge Cup, John Ford; Bill Baker and Ken Davis Memorial Shield, most points in vegetable classes, John Ford; A D Frost Cup for pot plant, Caroline Manning; Lilian Taylor Memorial Shield for best cookery exhibit, Georgina Carter; John Laycock Cup for largest onion, Linda Alsop. Cup winners, aggregate of all shows: Most points in horticultural classes, Dennis Brown; most points in decorative classes, Julie Biggs; most points in cookery classes, Julie Baker; most points in children’s classes, Jessica Emery; most points in photography classes, Holly Dann; most points overall during the year, Daphne Robinson.

Framfield & Blackboys

MARKET: Framfield Village Hall Market tomorrow, Saturday, 10am to noon. Variety of stalls – jams, pickles, vegetables, bric-a-brac, plants, cards, cakes, jewellery, scarves, local beef, sausages, eggs. All welcome. Stalls can be available, for information ring 01825 840648.


Punnetts Town, Broad Oak & Cross in Hand

PETER NEWNHAM: I can’t remember ever being as moved as I was at the funeral of Peter Newnham, held at All Saints, Waldron two weeks ago. It was a traditional funeral service, followed by a burial at St Bartholomew’s, and then a chance to meet old friends at the Star Inn and reminisce about Peter’s life. Rev Jane Sherwin gave a well-thought-through address, ringing with obvious accuracy, as we all recognised the grown up Peter we knew from the tales of his youthful indiscretions. One was throwing stones at cars, only to be horrified when the occupant of one of them turned out to be the County High Sheriff, out for vengeance. Another was making a very swift getaway from outside Cross in Hand Primary School when he decided he really couldn’t be bothered to go to school any more. He had reached Heathfield before he was apprehended. In his early 20s, we heard he started to enjoy adventurous foreign holidays, including a visit with his cousin to the United Stages. He enjoyed Madeira and Porto Santo and also enjoyed the Canary Isles. Evidently he also became a more than proficient cook and his sponge cake meringue was to die for. Rev Sherwin said he was also a kind man, much loved by people, an excellent listener with a compassionate heart and a social conscience. Current parish council chairman Pat Clark said he was involved in every aspect of life in Heathfield and beyond and was a member of, or adviser to, most local groups and organisations. He knew everything that was going on, she said, and was kind and helpful when she came onto the parish planning committee, giving her the responsible job of folding and unfolding plans, ‘a task I found very hard and was told by him I’d never get my NVQ in map-folding.’ Jill Temple from the twinning association said he had been closely involved with the Association, supporting it at Le Marche and entertaining French visitors from twin town Forges les Eaux. Peter’s close companion, Paula said she became more involved in Peter’s life when he broke his hip and needed help. She became a great friend and confidante, sharing many holidays and excursions, and when Peter contracted his illness, the pair agreed they would ‘see this through together.’ She said: ‘I was humbled and honoured to know Peter and he was my very best friend.’ So say all of us.

COFFEE MORNING: A Macmillan Coffee Morning is being held in the Methodist Church Hall on Friday September 28 from 10.30am to noon. There will be a bring and buy stall and a raffle and any contributions would be very gratefully received.

CHARITY WALK: Fight Poverty and get fit in 2012. Sporting joggers, dog walkers and strollers will be taking part in Christian Aid’s sponsored walk in Heathfield tomorrow, Saturday, when the sponsored stroll will start and finish at the Heathfield end of the Cuckoo Trail and walkers will complete a five mile round trip by going to Horam and back. A car will be available to return them to Heathfield for a small donation. Last year’s walk raised over £2,000 and it is hoped to exceed that figure this year. All proceeds will go towards helping to alleviate poverty faced by displaced people and refugees around the world, irrespective of race or religion. Successful walkers will find entry details at any church in Heathfield or can phone to request a sponsorship form, by leaving a name and address with the organiser, Sue Greener on 01435 830451.

DECORATIVE and Fine Arts Society. The 2012/13 season started with a lecture by Jo Walton entitled Eric Ravilious and the lure of the everyday. It was a scholarly and entertaining insight into the work of an artist who loved Sussex. Brought up in Eastbourne, he fell in love with the Downs and portrayed life as he saw it in the Sussex of the 1930’s and 1940’s. During the Second World War he worked as a war artist and in this capacity he strove to show aspects of wartime other than fighting and destruction. His death, aged 39, on a wartime mission over Iceland deprived us of more of his work but fortunately for us the Towner Gallery in Eastbourne has one of the best collections of his work in the country. Well worth a visit.

GRADUATE JOB: Heathfield and District Agricultural Society are looking for a graduate that can assist the show secretary in all facets of the organisation. We are putting in place a scheme to help graduates that reside within a 10 mile radius of Heathfield. It is our aim to assist young people in finding suitable long term employment by giving them the work experience that future employers seek. The Heathfield Show is creating an opportunity for a graduate to gain valuable experience by assisting the show during the show year from October 2012 through to show day, and clear up at the end of May 2013. The opportunity will give the successful applicant much needed hands on workplace experience to help boost their job applications and secure future employment. There is no ideal person for this position other than being aware of the Heathfield Show and possibly having visited it in the past. They must be enthusiastic and self motivated, have good ideas on how to move the show forward into the future and be good communicators. The person will work closely with the show secretary and be mentored in the various aspects of the show including dealing with our local and national sponsors, developing education initiatives and be familiar with social interaction technology. The position is a voluntary one, will require attendance at occasional evening committee meetings but other hours will be flexible. Out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed. In the first instance please send a cv plus a short presentation, which will include ways in which you feel we can move the show forward a short paragraph on three different suggestions will be sufficient and should be emailed to the show secretary:

Hellingly & Horsebridge

CHURCH SERVICES: This week services are Hellingly: Regular Services are on a Thursday 9.30am Holy Communion (BCP), Sunday 8am Holy Communion and also at 10.45am and Sunday 6.30pm Evensong. Upper Dicker: 9.15 Holy Communion (CW).

MOTHERS UNION: Tomorrow, Saturday, it is Hellingly MU’s turn to man the cake stall at Overseas Day which is to be held at St John’s Church, Polegate from 10am to 3pm and is hosted by Bexhill District. A service will be held at 2pm when a lively group from Tooting will be taking part.

AGM: If you are not a member Dicker Residents Association you can join at the next meeting and AGM on September 27 from 7.30pm at Dicker village hall. It is only £5 per year per household.

DOG SHOW: This event was not as well attended as previously but with the stalls and deduction of costs a healthy £100 went to Holy Trinity Church funds and another £100 to Dicker Hall funds. Thanks are offered to all the voluntary helpers.

COFFEE MORNING: On September 28 you can be a part of the biggest coffee morning in the world in aid of Macmillan Cancer Care. Go along to Brook Cottage, Mill Lane from 10am. Stalls include cakes and homemade bread, produce, plants and a raffle with excellent prizes.

CAKES GALORE: Thanks to all who bought, baked, stored, transported and sold the hundreds of cakes at the Festival of Transport over the August Bank Holiday weekend. Thanks especially to Tess and Simon for organizing this mammoth task which raised a magnificent total of £1640 and a thank you also to the Eastbourne Historic Vehicles Club for their welcome to worship in the arena as well as the cake stall stand.

DISCOUNTS: Local residents in Hellingly and Horsebridge can benefit from 10 percent discount at Blackstock Farm shop at Grove Hill until March 2013. Go along, fill out a form to register and hand into the farm shop.

PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY: The new season began with a social evening with drinks and nibbles. Members were entertained by gold medal winner Bill Wisden MBE, Hon FRPS and his trusty assistant Trevor Gellard FRPS. Trevor is on three different distinction panels with the Royal Photographic Society. Bill retired from the RPS after 50 years. Despite his advancing years and ill health Bill Wisden (82) still enjoys taking photographs. He prefers to use a compact camera now as he is less conspicuous while taking candid pictures. He gave his Nikon camera and lenses to his son. Bill says he ‘sees things for what they could be, not what they are,’ and likes nothing better than combining images and totally transforming his pictures using Photoshop techniques. Bill was taken to Devils Dyke on a photographic expedition. The only inspiration he found was two dustbins. He played around with the image, darkening it and giving gleaming eyes etc. The final result looked like Darthvader from Star Wars. Garden Centres are a constant source of inspiration. One of his images was taken inside a polytunnel. The plants created a mini landscape and the white price labels sticking up appeared to be houses. When one of his friends first saw the image they commented that they did not know he had been to Italy. One of the members, Pat Broad LRPS AFIAP, was not able to attend the prize giving last season so Bill agreed to present her with the Girling Award for Landscape Prints.