Parish Pump Uckfield - April 27, 2012

Bodle Street Green

NOWHERE BOY: This film will be shown at the Film Club at 7.30pm tonight, Friday, in the village hall. Guest tickets are £6. Beer and wine, and coffee and cake, will be served from 7pm. The film is based on the life of John Lennon, and is directed by Sam Taylor-Wood. R rating.

CHURCH SERVICES: St John’s Bodle Street, 9.30am Matins (BCP). St Mary’s Warbleton, 11am Morning Prayer.

HALL AGM: As you are probably aware, the village hall is one of the hubs of village life. At the AGM each year there is a chance to catch up with the committee’s hard work during the past year and the plans for the future, as they present their report and accounts. The election of officers for the coming year takes place. The hall is open for refreshments from 7am with the business starting at 7.30pm. Please come along and show your support, and if you have any flashes of inspiration for the future programme, please express them. The hall will be the focus for the village Jubilee celebrations on Sunday June 3, after the family service at 11am in St John’s Church. Events at the hall and Green start at 12.15pm. There will be a barbecue, games, showing of the river pageant in London, a tea party for local children at 5pm, a reception at 6.45pm with a supper in the evening. Full details will appear nearer the event. The aim is that the celebrations will largely be for local residents and those with close association with the village. If your children have not received an invitation to the tea party, please phone 01323 833554.

PARISH COUNCIL: For a full report of the annual parish meeting and council meeting, please see the Warbleton section. Cllr Sue Ralph said that the Bodle Street Hall programme for the Diamond Jubilee was complete. They had a very successful visit from the Channel Theatre Co with their production, Running For Glory, which was a great production.

The clerk is Marian Smith 01435 831653 and the next meeting is at 7pm on May 17 at Bodle Street village hall. This is the annual parish council meeting at which officers are elected and committees appointed.


AUCTION: Last Friday evening’s Auction of Promises was a huge success. There were over 70 lots up for auction. Some of the items were extremely generous, which was good for the funds. Well over 100 people, making a wonderful atmosphere, were bidding helping to raise over £4,200. The money will all be used for the villages’ Diamond Jubilee celebrations in May. A meeting was held on Wednesday to decide how the money will be used.

WHEEL INN: The new management at the Wheel Inn had a exciting weekend which began with a Karaoke night on Saturday, followed by a car boot sale on Sunday. The karaoke night was great fun, and it is hoped to follow this up with an open mike night. The boot sale in aid of the Swings and Things at the Swan Meadow playing fields, was lucky that the weather held and sellers and shoppers were able to have a good day. The next boot sales will be on Sunday May 20, June 24 and July 22.

QUIZ EVENING: Have you booked your table for the fun general knowledge quiz being held in the village hall tomorrow, Saturday, evening. Teams of six players are invited to put their brains to the test against our wonderful quiz masters Terry Parker and Steve Bennett. Entry is £6 per person to include a hot supper. Guests are welcome to bring their own drink and glasses. To enter a team please call Mary Taylor on 01435 882107.

BOWLS: On Sunday the short mat bowls club will play their annual Memorial Cup tournament. This is a round robin tournament played all day, with a hot lunch served and refreshments all day. We would be glad to welcome spectators along to watch, especially those who may be interested in joining our friendly club. The games will begin at 10am. Good luck to all those who are playing.

REUNION: A date for your diaries is May 6, when the St Philip’s school reunion will be held in the Masonic Hall, Burwash Common from 2pm. All ex-pupils are welcome to go along. More details next week.

WHIST: The next monthly whist drive will be held on Thursday at the village hall. These friendly evenings are an enjoyable way of making friends while having a fun game of cards. Partners are not necessary, so don’t stay home alone, and all levels of ability welcome. It costs £3 for 20 hands of cards and light refreshments. There is also a raffle. The fun begins at 7.30pm.

East Hoathly

TENNIS CLUB: East Hoathly and Halland Tennis Club is holding an Open day on Saturday May 5 at the Playing Fields from 10am-2pm. All standards are welcome to try out their racquet skills, to meet club members and the coach. A speed gun and ball machine will be available. There will be refreshments, tea and coffee served all day. For any enquiries contact Val Griffiths 01825 840925 or visit

AGE CONCERN: The next Pop In lunch in the village hall is on Thursday and will be followed by the AGM.

THOMAS TURNER’S DIARY: Friday 26 April 1765: ‘…After breakfast I set out for Mayfield where I went to attend at a club feast (The Mayfield Friendly Society). I got there about 10.30, and after refreshing myself with a glass of wine, we went in procession to church where we had a sermon preached by the Rev Mr Roger Chalice (one of our members), Vicar of Mayfield…I dined at the Star…in company with about 48 members more of the society, (the whole number being 71) …I stayed and spent the afternoon there vastly agreeable and came home about 10.50…thank God very sober.’

Framfield & Blackboys

MARKET: Framfield Village Hall Market, 10am to noon tomorrow, Saturday. Variety of market stalls: cards, cakes, jewellery, scarves, local meat, sausages, eggs, jams and pickles, vegetables, bric-a-brac and plants, photos, pound stall etc. Raffles. Tea, coffee and bacon rolls. All welcome. Further information from 01825 840648.


Punnetts Town, Broad Oak & Cross in Hand

CUCKOO FAIR: Every year the Fair gets bigger and better without sacrificing any of its special atmosphere. This year Dame Heffle travelled from the Community College to Cade Street by a special mini traction engine. Also in the procession were members of the College’s Batacuda Band as well as Spiritus dancers and stilt walkers from Uckfield Community College. Morris men were accompanied by Morris ladies carrying hoops of fresh flowers. Children from All Saints and St Richard’s School gave us two renditions of the Heffle Cuckoo Fair song and after that Dame Heffle had spectacular success persuading her cuckoo to leave his basket, do two circuits of the field and head off to his loft (he looked quite pigeon-like to me). There were even more stalls; cup cakes; weavers; a wood turner; the Rotary Club doing sterling work as usual raising money for charity as well as manning the traffic barricades; book, plant and bric-a-brac sales in aid of various organisations; Horam Scouts running a popular ‘hook a duck game to fund their trip to Holland; enthusiastic chaps doing a roaring trade selling their home-made cider; food and drink; jewellery and the first sighting for me of the Sussex 4X4 Response unit. This interested me as I drive a 4X4 and we usually get scorn heaped upon us…..unless there’s snow on the ground or flooded roads. During the winter of 2010-11 I was the only one in my neck of the woods to be able to get out and about, and so were other 4X4 drivers who also offered help to neighbours unable to fetch shopping, get to the doctor or hospital. Now the 4X4 response is a registered charity which aims, in their words, to give ‘valuable backup of a tactical and measured nature to local council emergency planning departments and other organisations in times of poor weather, emergency or other times of need. What a good idea. We need more of them. If you’d like to know more about what they do ring 07077 079706 or visit: uk. It only rained once during the day, the only thing missing was the call of the real cuckoo but I have it on good authority he usually only turns up round about the time of the Heathfield Show.

ANNUAL PARISH MEETING: More than 100 attended this lively meeting last Tuesday to hear and update on plans for Heathfield. Parish council chairman Peter Newnham took the chair and opened the meeting to questions from the floor. Most seemed to be about parking issues in the town, particularly parking around Cross in Hand School. There were calls for wooden posts to stop parking on the attractive grass verge along the edge of the school playing field and a practical request for the school to cede a strip of land from the field so parents could park off road. In the meantime the playing field could be re-situated a little further down the slope. There is plenty of room. A resident from Weald Close asked if double yellow lines could be extended so people did not park quite so close to the corner with Sheepsetting Lane, at present drivers have to take the corner on the wrong side of the road. Halley Road in Old Heathfield was also mentioned. This is another black parking spot where drivers cannot see the road for parked cars and a child has already been injured. I don’t know what the answer is, we all live slightly too far away from town facilities to be able to walk everywhere, so we tend to resort to our cars a little too readily. But there are plenty of free parking spaces in and around the town and it should not be too difficult to find one and perhaps walk a few more yards. I’m quite relaxed about it although in Sheepsetting Lane we do suffer from a few selfish folk parking on the zig zags and double yellows, by all means drop off the children and leave, but they don’t; they stand and chat for hours. The thing that really infuriates me is when they park across my drive and I cannot get out. They are so nonplussed when I tap gingerly on the window and ask them to move. Other issues tackled included the indoor pool where a question was raised about how it would continue to be funded, once the capital cost had been achieved. Cllr Rupert Simmons told the meeting the Pool could possibly become one of the Olympic Heritage pools, evidently final decisions about the location of these have not yet been made. Many people rose to their feet to thank Cllr Peter Newnham for his three years as parish council chair. Peter has not been well of late and we all wish him a speedy recovery.

LIVE MUSIC: Our popular local Indian (well actually Bangladeshi) eatery is staging another live music evening on Wednesday, (owner Shah Athar’s birthday) at 7.30pm. The performer is Florence Rawlings supported by Damien Nolan.

NIGHTINGALES: The Sussex Wildlife Trust tell us that: during May, if you stand on the edge of a Sussex wood, you may be lucky enough to hear the wonderful song of a rather drab looking bird. These fantastic songsters are nightingales, who sing relentlessly, both day and night, to attract a mate. Summer visitors, they migrate each year from West Africa on an epic 3,000 mile journey crossing the Sahara Desert, to breed and raise their young, before making the return trip in early autumn. You can hear nightingales in Wildlife Trust reserve Selwyns Wood, Abbots Wood near Arlington and whatever those lovely woods are called at the back of Waldron.

SPRING SHOW: Heathfield and District Horticultural Society Spring Show results. Daffodils: Three daffodils, yellow, one variety: 1, Mr M Hamper; 2, Mr N Jeggo; 3, Judy Horton. Specimen bloom daffodil, white: 1, Marian Stoneham. Specimen bloom daffodil, yellow: 1, Mr M Hamper 2, Colin Rose; 3, Jenny Evans. Specimen bloom daffodil, large cupped, single colour: 2, Cathy Constable; 3, Colin Rose. Specimen bloom daffodil, bi-coloured: 1, Rosemary Kay; 2, Marian Stoneham; 3, Josie Cornford. Three daffodils, large cupped, one variety: 1, Marian Stoneham; 2, Josie Cornford; 3, Rosemary Kay. One specimen daffodil, small cupped: 1, Marian Stoneham; 2, Christine Kemp. Specimen daffodil, double, any colour: 1, Una Weller; 2, Margaret Hayes; 3, Christine Kemp. Matching three of any one variety: 1, Judy Horton; 2, Rosemary Kay. Specimen miniature narcissus (one flower per stem): 1, Margaret Hayes; 2, Rosemary Kay; 3, Judy Horton. The Pierson Cup, Marian Stoneham; Christine Felton Cup, Judy Horton.

Floral: A pot plant, floral, any variety: 1, J Cornford; 2, S Cook; 3, U Weller; Foliage plant: 1, U Weller; 2, J Skirrow; 3, J Cornford. Pot or bowl of spring bulbs in flower: 1, U Weller; 2, D Nuttall; 3, R Kay. Vase of three stems different flowering shrubs: 1, P Ives; 2, J Evans; 3, Mr Hamper. Grape Hyacinths: 1, C Kemp; 2, M Stoneham; 3, R Kay. Pansies or violas: 1, U Weller; 2, M Stoneham; 3, R Kay. Vase of spring flowers: 1, C Kemp; 2, M Stoneham; 3, R Kay. Vase of cut flowers, mixed: 1, U Weller; 2, J Cornford; 3, R Kay. Polyanthus: 1, R Kay; 2, Mr Hamper. Pot-et-Fleur: 1, B Weight; 2, J Horton; 3, M Stoneham. Box of plants, bedding or vegetable: 1, J Horton; 2, J Skirrow; 3, U Weller. Cactus/succulent: 1, J Cornford; 2, M Stoneham; 3, U Weller. Alpine plant in a pot or pan: 1, P Ives; 2, U Weller; 3, M Stoneham. Patio container of spring flowers: 1, U Weller; 2, N Jeggo; 3, R Kay. Coronation Cup No 1, Una Weller.

Decorative: Easter Basket: 1, J Horton; 2, J Skirrow; 3, M Hayes. Spring Cleaning: 1, J Skirrow; 2, J Horton. Reflections: 1, J Skirrow; 2, B Weight; 3, M Hayes. It’s Easter Egg Time: 1, M Stoneham; 2, J Horton; 3, M Hayes. A miniature exhibit: 1, M Stoneham; 2, U Weller; 3, E Norman. Coronation Cup No 4, Jane Skirrow.

Cookery and Preserves: Six sausage rolls: 1, G Carter; 2, C Smith; 3, R Kay. Six cheese scones: 1, R Kay; 2, V Taberman-Pichler; 3, G Carter. Six pieces of shortbread: 1, R Kay; 2, G Carter; 3, J Evans. Four bread rolls: 1, G Carter; 2, N Jeggo; 3, Mrs C Constable. Six coconut macaroons: 1, R Kay; 2, C Smith; 3, Miss C Constable. Chocolate sponge filled with chocolate buttercream: 1, R Kay; 2, Miss C Constable; 3, J Holmwood. Jar of marmalade: 1, R Kay; 2, B Hamper 3, A Weller. The Price Cup, Mrs R Kay.

Section Four Photography: A photograph entitled The Sea: 1, J Cornford; 2, C Stoneham; 3, C Kemp. A photograph entitled Creepy Crawlies: 1, C Walker 2, J Cornford; 3, C Stoneham. The Broad Oak Springfield Cup, Josie Cornford.

Children’s Classes: 3 to 6 years. A spring collage, K Blake; a flower arrangement in a cup and saucer, K Blake; an Easter card, K Blake. 7 to 12 years. A spring collage: 1, J Evans; 2, J Blake; 3, E Taberman-Pichler. A flower arrangement in a cup and saucer: 1, E Taberman-Pichler; 2, J Blake; 3, J Evans. An Easter card: 1, J Blake; 2, J Evans; 3, E Evans. The Broad Oak Courier Rose Bowl, Jamie Blake.

Horam &

Vines Cross

HORAM WI: President Poppy Fassam welcomed members and guests to the April Meeting. Sarah Oldridge gave an interesting talk on the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew. Several Horam members attended the East Sussex Federation WI Annual meeting at the Congress Theatre in Eastbourne, and thoroughly enjoyed hearing speaker Katie Dereham and two musical friends presenting Musical Mishaps. New Pennants from East Sussex WI groups were on display, and Horam’s Viginia Roberts was awarded a certificate. We are maintaining our support for Dr Tourle in his work in Ethiopia and Haiti by collecting old reading glasses. We meet at 2pm on the first Thursday of each month at the Christ Church Centre. Our next meeting on May 3 is our Resolutions meeting and is proceeded by a ploughman’s lunch with apple pie. The competition is a Commemorative Royal Item. Please do come along if you are interested. You will be made very welcome. Contact 01435813312 for information.

VPA: Our last meeting of this season is on Wednesday at 7.30pm at the West End, Christ Church. The every popular Peter Hill is going to take us on A Waltz Around Vienna. No dancing pumps needed just sit back and enjoy Peter’s light hearted waltz. There will be the usual tea and coffee served and as it the last meting of the season if you are really lucky we may serve homemade cakes

and also have a raffle. On Friday April 13 we held our spring supper and everybody had a lovely evening. I would like to thank everybody of their help with the evening. We had our photo

competition on display and the overall winner was Rosie Turner with her Transport photo. We also made a small profit. We will be planning our 20012/13 season soon so if you know any good speakers please let us know so that we can may be arrange for then to talk to us. For more information please contact Faith Smith 01435812026 or Dorothy Cull 01435812093.

Mayfield & Five Ashes

BOOKFAIR on Saturday, May 5 in the Memorial Hall, 9am to 3pm. Admission free, 18 book dealers attending with 1000’s of secondhand books for sale on all subjects, both for the reader and the collector. Refreshments available all day. Details from Chris Maughan 01435 864634.

RAMBLERS: On Monday, May 7 meet on the verge of the road between Five Ashes and Rotherfield GR 561275 at 10am for a seven to eight mile circular walk via Castle Hill and Sheriffs Lane. Ring 01435 882626 for details.

MAYFAIR 2012: The programme for Saturday, May 12 is taking shape starting with a procession down the High Street followed by lots of activities and entertainment for all the family on Court Meadow. There will be the traditional Maypole dancing and Coronation of the May Queen but also Eagle Heights Birds of Prey demonstration, Barrel Train, bouncy castle and slide, arts activities, Mayfield Silver Band, tombola with plenty of food and drink including a hog roast. There will be trade stalls with including crafts as well as stands demonstrating local community activities. For the active among you, there are lots of demonstrations and chances to have a go in celebration of the London 2012 Olympics. There is everything from bowls to BMX. For the youngsters there are running and obstacle races, then skateboarding and BMX demonstrations and test sessions run by professionals, plus tag rugby, football, bowls, Zumba, FIT and Physique. Something to encourage everyone to get and keep active and healthy, all ending up with a grand tug-of-war challenge. Organisers are very lucky to have medallists from the Special Olympics who will be present and showing off their medals, so there will be something to inspire everyone and we are looking forward to seeing you all there. Ring: Roger Stone (872764) for Mayfield Chamber of Commerce.

A NEW JASON’S: Jasons is changing this month. The shop has moved across the High Street to larger premises which enable them to provide all existing produce and services plus much more. They opened for business on Tuesday, April 10.

HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY: The AGM was held on March 20. Overall, the event may possibly best be remembered for the ebullient guest speaker, Dr Simon Charlesworth of Downderry Lavender, and his revealing insights into the fragrant world of lavenders, merely because when it came to the horticultural society, it was all very much a case of business as usual for the year ahead. The event was hosted by Helen Yemm, President, and Eddie Du-Cann, Chairman, who were both voted in for further terms, with warm support from the hall. The committee also remains in place with Carol Audsley as Treasurer; Janet Wood as membership secretary and Diane Kirkness as show secretary. They’re ably assisted by further committee members Tony and Rosie Bayliss, Bridget Blow, Helen Lane, John Logan, Anne Richardson, Ann Sutton, Dinah Stoodley and Henry Hemming. Anne Richardson is stepping down from her responsibilities putting on the programme of speakers, an d was thanked for the great work she has done. During the evening Helen Yemm also awarded the President’s Bowl, presented to the gardener who accumulated most points during the Rose, Summer and Autumn shows of the preceding year. Scooping the glassware on this occasion was Ken Audsley, who delivered some memorable entries in 2011, particularly in the vegetable classes, collecting a traffic jam of red rosettes in the process. Eddie Du-Cann also paid tribute to committee member Dinah Stoodley for her unstinting work on the Rose Show in recent years. He announced that the entire committee had collectively agreed, with great regret, that the Rose Show couldn’t be sustained as a show, although by way of compensation they’re increasing rose categories in the Summer Show. The AGM also saw details of this year’s summer outing revealed. They’re off to Kew. The trip takes place on Wednesday, June 20 with departures from the Middle House at 9am, returning by 6pm. The day costs £25. If you’re keen to be on the coach, please confirm your place with Eddie Du-Cann (01435 872705) e-mail They’re also holding a plant sale again, this year on Saturday, May 5. As ever, this will take place at the cannon in the High Street. You’ll see vigorous young plants and vegetables on offer at prices you’ll never witness in a garden centre, so this is a day for memorable savings. Do come along and remember the early birds often pick the prize blooms (they tend to kick-off around 9.30am). Finally, big thanks to Eddie Du-Cann and Ken Audsley for their work on Mayfield Primary School’s vegetable beds. Members hope the youth of Mayfield will be involved in the shows this year and for many years ahead. Following the survey of members’ preferences for a summer outing, two locations topped the list, but by a short head Hampton Court had the most votes. They are now planning a visit to Hampton Court on Tuesday, July 10. Provisional departure time from Mayfield is 9.15am and leaving Hampton Court at 4pm. They expect the cost to be about £30 per head to cover entry, coach and driver’s gratuity. Can members please advise Rob Foster if they wish to attend?

LOCAL HISTORY SOCIETY March meeting. Dr Ian Friel gave an illustrated talk on Medieval Sussex, From Settlement to Dissolution. Dr Friel holds a BA (Hons) in History from the University of Lancaster, an MA in English Local History from the University of Leicester and a PhD in medieval maritime and technological history from the University of Keele. He became a member of the English Heritage Historic Wrecks Panel in September 2011 and will serve as a member until June 2014. He has a deep interest in English history from the departure of the Romans to the 17th century and this is the period he discussed at our meeting. Sussex origins are as an Anglo-Saxon kingdom, and his talk examined the rise and transformation of this medieval regional society between the 700s and the 1500s. The April meeting is tonight in the Scout and Guide Hall from 8pm. It’s called Country Life in Roman Sussex by David Rudling. David Rudling is Senior Lecturer in Archaeology at the Centre for Community Engagement at the University of Sussex. David’s current main research interests include: Romanisation in Sussex during the Late Iron Age and Roman periods, Roman rural settlements and land-use, religion and ritual in Roman Britain, as well as multiperiod landscape archaeology and ancient and medieval numismatics. Sussex is rich in the remains of Roman archaeology with many well-known sites; he will explore the cultural heritage, from before AD 43 to the 5th Century. Members may also like to note that he has published research undertaken with David Martin on mediaeval Winchelsea.


THE COUNTRY MARKET will be open today, Friday, from 10am till 11am. Just pop in and see what is available this week.

THE BOWLS CLUB will be holding a Coffee and Cake Morning tomorrow, Saturday, at the Bowls Club from 10.30am. Please try and support this event, you can even have a try at playing bowls. In the afternoon Bowls Club will be playing Nutley at home and on Sunday they are away to Buxted Park, both games will commence at 2.30pm. They also have a game on Wednesday when Henfield will be the visitors, play starts at 2.30pm. You will receive a warm welcome if you would like to go along a watch.

BOOT SALE: tomorrow, Saturday, the bonfire society are holing a Spring Boot Sale on the village green from 8am to 1pm. Pitches £8 per car and £10 per van. To book telephone 01825 722418. There will be coffee and cakes etc in the Community Centre, plus a barbecue on the village green. This event is most popular, so make sure you go a long early then you will not be disappointed. There will be a great selection of all types of goods.

SUNDAY SERVICES at St Mary’s Church are Holy Communion (BCP) at 8am followed at 10.30am with Morning Service Holy Communion(BCP). If you require a lift please telephone 01825 722582 in advance. Please remember the annual Parochial Church meeting on Monday at 7.30pm in the Barn Centre followed by the Friends of St Mary’s Church AGM at approx 9.30pm.

SCARECROW COMPETITION: Just to remind all that the Scarecrow Competition deadline is Tuesday. Make sure your entry form is completed on time. Collection points for the entry forms are Newick Post Offrice, the Bakers or Butchers. This Diamond Jubilee Scarecrow competition is inviting business, clubs and societies to take part representing a character or event from one of the decades of the Queen’s Jubilee. Which decade will your Scarecrow represent? Choose from the 50s to the 2010s. Trial maps including voting forms will be on sale at £2 from May 26 to June 4 in Post Office, Bakers and Butchers. The last Scarecrow competition was a huge success.

PRODUCTION: The amateur dramatic society’s next production will take place at the village hall from May 9 to 12. This will be a thriller by Francis Durbridge called A Touch of Danger. Tickets at £8 per person are available form 01825 722359 or 722 895 or purchase direct from Bob the Butcher on the Green .

PLANT SALE: The horticultural society are having a Plant Sale and Coffee Morning on Saturday May 5 at the Community Centre.

THE AFTERNOON CLUB meet on Thursday May 10 in the Community Centre at 2.30pm. There will be a talk by the head teacher of Newick Primary School, Sophie Thomas, entitled Education 2012.


LANGUAGE: I love words. My career is in writing. But I’m getting really afraid that I’m losing touch with my own language. It seems to be splitting in two. Half of it is abbreviations and the other half is a long-winded Business Speak. The abbreviation craze has probably come from the world of texting. As a wordy, why can’t I get the hang of it? I described someone’s fertility treatment as HIV treatment instead of IVF, thus sparking some horrible rumours. And why do we insist on saying www? Why is it called an abbreviation when World-Wide Web is much shorter? Then there’s the business descriptions. I can’t understand a word that they write. It’s a completely different language. They ramble on in long-drawn-out, non-ending sentences. And it’s really boring too. There isn’t just one English language. There are loads of them.

SPRING SHOW AWARDS: Mrs Glencairn Campbell Trophy, for the highest total points in classes 1 to 36 (Daffodils), Betty Prowse; Mrs R L Darling Cup, for the highest total points in classes 37 to 50 (other flowers and plants), Joan Turner; trophy for Best Vase (not single blooms) in Section One, Charles Weller, Class 42 Tulips. Decorative Section Two: Becvar Perpetual Trophy for best exhibit, Pam Ambrose, Class 51 Woodlands Awaken; Mrs O Clarke Cup, for highest total of points in Decorative Section, Pam Ambrose; Piper Trophy, for the highest total of points in Photographic Section, Sarah Moxon Hill. Domestic Section Four: Misses P and B Ditch Cup, for highest total of points in section, Joan Turner. Handicrafts Section Five: Joyce Farnes Plate, for highest total of points in section, Anna Elliott. If anyone would like to join the society or receive a summer schedule, please phone 01825 764287. The summer show is on Saturday, August 18. Next monthly meeting on Monday May 14: Mr Stebbings The Judges Decision is Final, 7.30pm at The Ashdown Room, Uckfield Civic Centre. All welcome, visitors £3.


WI BUNTING: Members of Waldron’s WI are meeting together to have a group sew to make yards of bunting for the village Jubilee celebrations. Red, white and blue materials have been gathered and sewing machines dragged out of attics for this magnificent effort. The results will be seen at the Jubilee Big Lunch on June 3 when Waldron will be en fete. The next WI branch meeting will be on May 9 with a lunch and Resolutions meeting at the Lucas Hall.

CRICKET: It’s a bit soon to get excited but two weeks into the season and Waldron’s Cricket Club is undefeated, having grittily battled to a draw in their first match and then defeated a youthful and talented Tunbridge Wells XI last weekend. Quentin Soucek scored a century for Waldron to give us a defensible total of 173 and Tunbridge Wells just failed to catch us in the closing over. It was a great team effort. Now the Waldron men are on tour this coming weekend with Friendly fixtures against Wiltshire teams. Their next League Match is on May 5 at home against Hailsham second XI, starting at 1.30pm.

CROQUET: The village croquet club starts its season with a drinks evening on Sunday. The first practice evening will be on Tuesday.

LINDSEY: Our former shop manager Lindsey Browning has asked me to pass on her grateful thanks to every one of her past customers who contributed to her parting gift so generously. She left Waldron with happy memories and tells me that she is enjoying her new job in Uckfield and that her cricketing son Kurtis has been noticed at national level.

CREAM TEAS: You can now book your cream teas in advance at The Stores at Waldron by ringing 01435 812938 or take a chance and just turn up. The shop is fully operational now, and open every day except Monday for a wide range of groceries, Cook frozen meals and delicatessen, as well as

breakfasts, coffees, light lunches and teas with home-made cakes.

ART EXHIBITION: Cross in Hand Art Club, which meets regularly on Thursday morning in the Lucas Hall, is holding an art exhibition and sale on Saturday May 5 at the Union Church Hall in Heathfield from 9.30am to 4pm. Free admission and refreshments and everyone welcome.

FLOWER CLUB: Horam and Heathfield Flower Club extends its usual warm welcome to their next meeting on May 10 at 7.30 pm at the Community Centre, Sheepsetting Lane, Heathfield. There will be a floral demonstration by Mrs Nel de Jong-Smith on the theme Dutch Treat and there will be refreshments, a raffle and a sales table. Visitors pay a fee of £4.

SERVICES: Sunday is the fourth Sunday of Easter and it will be celebrated with Holy Communion at St Bartholomew’s at 8am and Group Eucharist at St Richard’s, Heathfield at 10.30am. There is a Holy Baptism at St Bart’s at 2pm.

Warbleton & Rushlake Green

CHURCH SERVICES: Sunday, St Mary’s Warbleton, 11am Morning Prayer. St John’s Bodle Street, 9.30am Matins (BCP). Heathfield Chapel, 11am Morning Worship with Rev Philip Laver. 6.30pm service with Paul Daniels.

HISTORY GROUP WALK: Our annual Cowslip Walk is tomorrow at 2pm. We meet at Berwick Church for a walk across the Downs.

PARISH COUNCIL: The annual parish meeting was held at the Dunn Village Hall on April 19. At this meeting, the council reports on its work during the past year. Sadly, there were just two parishioners there to hear it. Chairman, Bryan Whitton reported on a good year with the various levels of council working well together. After the election, there was a shortfall in councillor numbers. This had been made up with co-options early in the year. He thanked his fellow councillors, and those from WDC & ESCC, together with the police. Cllr Chris Wells, chairman of the Warbleton Charity, reported that 47 Christmas parcels had been given out last year. Warbleton Charity was formed from four local charities, of ancient origin. It is a small charity, one function of which is to provide grants to those in apprenticeships. These are not so common now, although Cllr Rupert Simmons reminded us that the Heathfield Partnership scheme is providing these now. The scope of these grants has widened to those in education or vocational training. It is stressed that these are available to residents of the civil parish of Warbleton only. This includes Warbleton, Rushlake Green, Three Cups, Springhill (Punnetts Town) and Bodle Street. Application need to be received in person by the applicant. The clerk of the charity is John Leeves 01580 200781. Cllr Rupert Simmons (ESCC) said that the priority for county was economic regeneration, including the spread of super fast broadband in rural areas. There was no report from Wealden – neither councillor was present. The regular council meeting followed. Rupert Simmons said good progress was being made on further speed safety measures in Punnetts Town and Three Cups. Cllr Bill Bentley (ESCC) was pleased to report that the E Sussex Children’s Services has been highly commended by national inspectors. Personal tributes were also made in the meeting, particularly with reference to fostering and adoption. Cllr David Turton reported that the Dunn Village Hall had received £1,100 from the recent Auction of Promises, jointly held with GOGS. A Spanish evening is to be held on May 19.

Cllr Sue Ralph said that the Bodle Street Hall programme for the Diamond Jubilee was complete. They had a very successful visit from the Channel Theatre Co with their production, Running For Glory. Cllr Ray Tratt in his report on Wealden District Assoc of Local Councils, said that a new system for the register of councillors interests will commence in July. This not only records councillor’s interests, but those of their families as well. In his report on Rights of Way, he said that there was still a great deal of work going on regarding the bridle way from Warbleton to Cade Street via Callers Corner. There was some concern that only six letters from the public (out of dozens) would be used in the inquiry. Rupert Simmons said that only six actually provided a legal punch, but the others would all be forwarded to the inspector. There is a continuing problem with landowners not keeping their roadside hedges and trees cut back clear of the road. The latter should be cut back up to 18ft from the road surface. The former should be cut back well clear of passing traffic. Failure to do so can create dangerous conditions for passing traffic, not to mention law suits! The parish council has formed a sub committee to deal with complaints. The village maintenance team (ESCC) will visit the parish in August.

The clerk is Marian Smith 01435 831653 and the next meeting is at 7pm on May 17 at Bodle Street village hall. This is the annual parish council meeting at which officers are elected an committees appointed.

VILLAGE PLAYERS: A reminder that tickets for Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime (May 9 to 12) are available from Anita Gunn on 01435 873226. Tickets are £17.50 to include a three course meal. The comedy is by Constance Cox based on a short story by Oscar Wilde.

DIAMOND JUBILEE: Cllrs Christian Jervis-Read and Kerrie Jones are heading up the planning for the celebrations on Saturday June 2 on the Green. I will put more details of the whole weekend in next week’s pump. In the mean time, details can be seen in the parish magazine or from Adele in The Stores.