Parish Pump, Uckfield - October 5, 2012

Bodle Street Green

3D GALA: The equipment in the village hall has been upgraded, and is now capable of showing high definition 3D films. To celebrate this there will a 3D Gala evening tonight at 6.45pm. Martin Scorsese’s first 3D film Hugo will be shown. Sparkling wine and canapés will be served at 6.45pm; supper will be served with the film starting at 8.15pm. Tickets are £15 and are available from Bryan on 01323 833554 or Geoff on 01323 833343. Further events are a charity soup kitchen (noon) and a race night (7pm) on October 27 and opera (La Traviata) from Sydney Opera House (in HD) on November 24.

CHURCH SERVICES: Sunday, St John’s Bodle Street, 9.30am Morning Worship with Holy Communion. Warbleton Parish Church, 11am Harvest Family Service followed by lunch in the Dunn Village Hall. St Giles, Dallington, 10 am Communion (BCP).

WI: Jason Caulfield will speak on Raystede Animal Welfare at 2.30pm on Tuesday in the village hall.


AFTER EIGHT: The Burwash Common After Eight club will meet on Wednesday evening at 8pm. After a very enjoyable, friendly quiz evening with their counterpart in Rotherfield last month, the members will this time be able to hear about bees and honey. They are asked to be at the Burwash Common Pavilion by 7.40pm. Guests are allowed to attend this month and should inform Jan McCartney on 01435 882117 if they will be there. This group meet every second Wednesday of the month and would welcome new lady members. They have been running for 30 years. It costs £10 for a years membership.

ONE MAN THEATRE: Next Saturday, October 13, local One Man Theatre, Brian D Barnes will be staging Oliver Twist at the village hall at 7.30pm. Internationally acclaimed Brian is an amazing man who somehow remembers all the lines of all the characters, giving them life and feeling. Tickets are £12 for adults and £6 for students, on sale at the Burwash Newsagents now. Tickets for this popular performer will sell well, don’t miss out, buy yours today. Refreshments will be available during an interval.

MUSICAL MEERKATS is a fun and friendly way for children from nought to school age learning about music, movement and instruments. Sessions are held on Friday mornings in the village hall from 10am, with Rachel Wright. She is pleased with the numbers attending and has decided to continue after the initial seven weeks are up. If you would like to attended with your child/children, please contact Rachel on 07867 787227 or email

COMMUNITY BUS: On Monday the next trip to Eastbourne takes place on the Battle Area Community Bus. If you would like to go you need to book in today, Friday, by calling Lyn on 01424 772001. If you would like to visit Rye instead, the bus visits there on Thursday October 25. All seats need to be pre-booked. Bus passes can be used on these trips.

ICE SHOW: Over the last eighteen years, many of you have joined me each January on trips to the Holiday on Ice show at the Brighton Centre. This winter the show is being held in November and the price has gone up considerably. However they have another show in January, Starlight Express, which is on roller-skates. I would be happy to organise a trip to this show if I could guarantee selling 50 tickets. The show would be on Saturday January 12 and would be approximately £39 per person including coach, less for children. Please call me on 01435 882107 and let me know your thoughts.

QUIZ: The new postal quiz is ready. A new set of one hundred questions with the answers being surnames of famous John’s Jonnie’s Jonathan’s etc and Richard’s Ricky’s, Richie’s Dick’s etc. It costs £2 for a copy, with the proceeds going to charity, 15 percent of the takings will be awarded as first prize. To obtain a copy please send a stamped addressed envelope and your £2 to Mary Taylor, 2 Holton Cottages, Spring Lane, Burwash TN19 7HU.

Heathfield, Punnetts Town, Broad Oak & Cross in Hand

AGE CONCERN: To the very nice chap who spoke to Mrs PP last weekend asking why his piece had not appeared in the newspaper, we’ve checked and there is nothing from you in our inbox. Have you sent to the right address? It is: Please re-send and we will do what we can.

THE FLOWER CLUB presents a flower arranging demonstration by Susan Shaw called Tales from the Cowshed on Thursday evening, November 6, starting at 7.30pm at Heathfield Community Centre. There will be refreshments, a raffle and sales table.

CROSS IN HAND WI: Plant hunting in the South Atlantic was the title of the talk at the September meeting by Steve Alton, who had worked for the Millenium Seed Bank at Kew. During his extensive travels to South America he had been fortunate enough to visit the Falkland Islands as well as the Caribbean and the Ascension Isles. His talk described the difficulties of reaching some of these remote areas in the search for unusual plants, many of which are unique to these countries. It is in doing this that seeds may be saved and propagated. His visits sometimes would involve a long sea and air journey with an overnight transit spent on a bench in an airport. After all that, the plants were then only to be found growing on the edges of steep cliffs or on high mountains. He actually wore out his best pair of hiking boots on the sharp rocks on Ascension Island. Another destination he had visited was St. Helena which is in the middle of the Atlantic and only accessible by boat from Walves Bay in Namibia. There are some special rare flowers there but again they tend only to grow in the higher mountains where there is sufficient moisture to survive. Lower down there is just a bare rock landscape and desert with little or no life. Their own flower of the month competition was won jointly by Marion Pearson and Helen Whiteman for their beautiful dahlias. Birthday flowers were given to Peggy Dann, Freda French, Anita Jobling, Liza Marriott and Marion Pearson. The 27 members and two guests then enjoyed afternoon tea. Their next meeting is at the village hall on October 24 at 2pm when they look forward to hearing from John Schofield about The Magical Victorians. Please phone 01435 862161 or go to if you would like to know more.

ST RICHARD’S CHURCH is holding a Harvest Flower Festival in the church on October today, Friday, tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday to celebrate their centenary. The church will be open on Friday and Saturday from 10am to 4pm with light refreshments available. On Sunday there will be a Parish Eucharist at 10am and Festal Evensong at 6pm. They look forward to welcoming you to mark this occasion.

HEATHFIELD SILVER BAND held a quiz night last week. The quiz night was a great success with 16 teams all competing for top spot; winning team was The Famous Five. There were many people who put a lot of effort and time into making the quiz night a success and in particular the Band wants to thank Mallory and John Mansford for composing the questions and adjudicating over the answers. They also need to thank Richard Sherlock for being Master of Ceremonies for the evening and keeping all the rowdier teams in order. As Richard said on the night it takes a great deal of money to run a brass band and they are pleased to say that they raised £477 and for this and would like to thank all those that supported them by taking part.

WILDLIFE: Has anyone noticed how many swallows and house martins there are still around? On my regular country dog walks I notice them skimming over the surface of fields, particularly those that have been harvested. I wonder if they are just passing through Sussex on their way south and pause to take advantage of our occasional good weather. Also, walking along the footpath that leads from Furnace Lane up and over the Heathfield House estate to The Star, I’ve come across groups of young turkeys and guinea fowl as well as the usual pheasants. Can anyone tell me if they are being reared for the pot, have escaped from somewhere and what’s going to happen to them? I know there is a popular local shoot and I can’t believe the turkeys will get caught up in it. I suppose if you have to be a turkey and contemplate Christmas, it’s probably better to do so in the semi-wild rather than a pen in someone’s back yard. The Wildlife Trust tells us October is the peak of the fallow deer breeding season or rut, an amazing wildlife spectacle when male deer, or bucks, settle disputes over the females with loud groans, battles of sheer strength and a clash of antlers. Fallow deer are secretive animals that live in unisex herds for the majority of the year. During the rut males make loud groaning noises to proclaim their territory and attract females or does. Please remember to respect these animals and keep your distance. Fallow deer have an excellent sense of smell and hearing so they can easily be disturbed by a human presence. Victorious males impregnate a multitude of does during the breeding season and ensure that their genes are passed on to the next generation. If you would like to tell Sussex Wildlife Trust about the nature you see please visit the wildlife advice pages on the website Alternatively if you have a wildlife query ring Sussex Wildlife Trust’s information hotline WildCall on 01273 494777.

PUNNETTS TOWN VILLAGE HALL: Tomorrow, Saturday’s, talk is called The Balcombe Tunnel Murders, a thriller with James Gardner at the village hall from 7.30pm. Entry costs £3 with coffee and cakes.

THE RAMBLERS meet at Uckfield bus station at 9.40am tomorrow, Saturday, to catch the 9.48am No 29 bus to Crowborough Camp (bring your bus pass) for a nine mile linear walk via High Hurstwood, Fairwarp and Five Ash Down. Ring 01825 765485.


MAYFIELD BOOKFAIR tomorrow, Saturday, in the Memorial Hall from 9am to 3pm. The bookfair has 18 dealers attending with thousands of secondhand books for sale on all subjects for both the collector and reader. Details from Chris Maughan on 01435 864634. Admission is free and refreshments will be available.

FIVE ASHES WI: Members were warmly welcomed by the president as the August meeting had been cancelled due to road works on the A267. Birthday flowers were given to several members, a busy month for the very skilled flower arranger, Kay White. Details were given of forthcoming events including a Christmas Tea and Lunch. These will be special occasions when it is planned to invite several guests as the president explained that unless new committee members are forthcoming it is quite likely that the institute will reluctantly close at the end of the year. The speaker was Ray Hale whose talk entitled An English Country Lane illustrated with a Power Point presentation was both delightful and informative. Tea and a raffle organised by Phyll Macmillan, to whom thanks were given for her untiring work each month in obtaining the prizes, ended the afternoon. The speaker for next month will be Julie Pinnells on Share your Memories, Don’t Lose Them. Visitors are always welcome to meetings in Five Ashes village hall on the first Tuesday in the month at 2pm

HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY: Mayfield’s keen gardeners contributed to make Saturday’s Autumn Show (September 22) a wonderful explosion of fruit and flower, of colour and form. They enjoyed a tremendous turnout with the total number of flower and vegetable, fruit entries up on last year. What’s more, unlike with the summer show, rampaging thunder storms stayed away, and Mayfield baked all day long in a blissful September sun. Consequently, there wasn’t a complaint to be heard. Distinguished writer and Daily Telegraph columnist Helen Yemm was kind enough to hand out the silverware, and big congratulations to all those who won the cups and indeed the individual classes (full list of winners below). Thanks also to the horticultural society’s committee for putting on the show, especially show secretary Diane Kirkness, and to everyone else who toiled with everything from entry cards to setting up the hall for the show.

Cup Winners: Vegetable Cup, Shirley Holland; Fruit Cup, Linda Wells; Dahlia Cup, Henry Hemming; Chrysanthemum Cup, Bert Curd; Iris Bruce Cup for floral art, Rosie Bayliss; Junior Challenge Cup, Tom Hemming. Garden vouchers: Tray of vegetables, Eddie Du-Cann; Basket of vegetables: 1, Ken Audsley; 2, Eddie Du-Cann; 3, Jill Pring. Banksian Medal, Ken Audsley.

Class Winners: Arrangement of home-grown vegetables in a basket, Ken Audsley; four coloured potatoes, Margaret Harris; four salad potatoes, Anne Richardson; four runner beans, John Logan; longest runner bean, Ken Audsley; largest potato, Eddie Du-Cann; three carrots, Eddie Du-Cann; three beetroots, Eddie Du-Cann; three onions, Anne Richardson; three red onions, Ken Audsley; five tomatoes medium, Bert Curd; five cherry tomatoes, Bert Curd; tastiest tomato, Tony Bayliss; two cucumbers, Andrew Ratcliffe; three leeks, Eddie Du-Cann; two parsnips, Eddie Du-Cann; six shallots, Eddie Du-Cann; two courgettes, Ken Audsley; two heads of sweetcorn, Shirley Holland; three peppers, Ken Audsley; three leaves chard/spinach, Andrew Ratcliffe; four herbs, John Logan; two squash: Tessa Crowe; any other vegetable, Shirley Holland; any organically-grown root vegetable, Shirley Holland; any other organically-grown vegetable, Anne Richardson; heaviest marrow, Nicky Cluny; novelty vegetable, Eddie Du-Cann; three dessert apples, Sarah Ratcliffe; any other fruit, Andrew Ratcliffe; soft fruit, Linda Wells.

Flowers. Three sprays chrysanthemums, Bert Curd; pompom dahlias, Bert Curd; cacti dahlias, Henry Hemming; five dahlias, Bert Curd; specimen dahlia, Henry Hemming; Michaelmas Daisies, John Logan; three roses, John Logan; spray roses, Dinah Stoodley; three short-stemmed flowers, Janet Wood; one perfect but lonely flower, Tony Bayliss; grasses, Anne Richardson; mixed herbaceous perennials, Linda Wells; shrubs in flower, John Logan; pot plant foliage, Janet Wood; pot plant flower, Melanie Brown; single pelargonium, Margaret Harris; nine fuchsia heads, Janet Wood.

Floral Art: Halloween, Rosie Bayliss; Oranges and Lemons, Margaret Harris.

Domestic: Jar of jelly, Tessa Crowe; new season’s jam, Sarah Ratcliffe; apple pie, Carol Audsley; carrot cake, A Robinson; cheese straws, Carolyn Tester; vegetable chutney, Anne Richardson; honey, Andrew Ratcliffe; liquid refreshment, Rosie Bayliss.

Photographs. Graves or memorial, Julie Ray; Village High Street, Henry Hemming; sport, Henry Hemming; Seaside Frolics, Julie Ray.

Children: Decorative flower pot, Tilly Chapman; any craft item, Charlie Hemming; a Lego model, Tom Hemming; decorative pebbles, Miles Green; photograph starting with B, Tom Hemming; Halloween Mask, Matthew Bennett; Mayfield Pre-school Autumn Trees, Benjay Lawday.

LOCAL HISTORY SOCIETY: Meetings begin on October 26 with a talk by David Martin on Who Lived in a House Like This? This will be preceded by a brief AGM at which some committee members have had to stand down and be replaced. Now that all systems have been updated to manage databases and oral history records, there are many opportunities to modernise the Society. The Society aims to try and collect as many items relating to 2012 as possible to provide an archived record of this momentous time the Olympics, the Diamond Jubilee as possible for posterity. Much material relating to the year such as programmes, posters and descriptions of events tends to disappear very quickly and photographs stay hidden and inaccessible. With the help of many village societies and institutions it’s hoped to gather together a significant collection to form a permanent record of how Mayfield looked and what the village was doing this year. The society also wishes it had a little more than the odd photo and newspaper article covering the Millennium and the Queen’s Golden Jubilee years. A lot of this material must still be around. Organisers would there be very pleased to have any Mayfield memorabilia of events and happenings in 2000 and 2002. Please give as much information as possible about these items. Please contact the society archivist, Richard Coward on: 01435 872629 with information on material which you think would be suitable for inclusion in archives. Now is the time to start.

Mobile Library

THE LIBRARY will be visiting the following areas this week. Tomorrow, Saturday: Nevill Court, off Beacon Road, Crowborough 10.45am to 11.30am; Warren Drive, Fielden Road, Crowborough 11.40am to noon; Martletts Court, Montargis Way, Crowborough 12.15pm to 12.55pm; Buxted Court, Gordon Road, Buxted 1.15pm to 1.35pm; Millington Court, Mill Lane, Uckfield 2.45pm to 3.30pm; Streatfield House, Southview Drive, Uckfield 3.40pm to 4pm; Cedars Close, Uckfield 4.10pm to 4.30pm. Tuesday: East Hoathly church 4.05pm to 4.35pm. Wednesday: High Street, East Hoathly 9.20am to 9.45am; Fords Green lay-by, Nutley 10.05am to 10.40am; Foresters Arms, Fairwarp 10.55am to 11.30am; Maresfield village hall 11.55am to 12.25pm; Fletching, car park behind village hall 1.25pm to 1.45pm; Framelle Mount, Framfield 2.10pm to 2.30pm; Mount Pleasant, Blackboys 2.50pm to 3.30pm; Beckett’s Way, Framfield 3.40pm to 4pm; Hurst Lane, Windmill Hill 9.50am to 10.20am; Bodle Street Green 10.30am to 10.55am; Osborne Park, Rushlake Green 11.10am to 11.35am; The School, Punnetts Town 11.45am to 12.25pm; St Marks Church, Hadlow Down 1.45pm to 2.05pm; Horebeech Lane, Horam 2.30pm to 3.20pm; Paynsbridge Way, Horam 3.40pm to 4.10pm. Thursday: Dallington village hall 10.35am to 10.55am; Brightling village hall 11.20am to 11.40am; Christ the King, Burwash 12.00pm to 12.30pm; Rother View, Burwash 1.25pm to 1.45pm; Scout Hut, Burwash Weald 2.00pm to 2.20pm; Stonegate Village Hall 2.45pm to 3.10pm; Etchingham Village Hall,3.40pm to 4.20pm.


THE COUNTRY MARKET will be open today, Friday, morning from 10am to 11am.

BEETLE DRIVE: Just to remind you of the Beetle Drive tomorrow, Saturday, in the Barn Centre from 4pm to 6pm in aid of Family Support Work. Tickets £5, to include tea. Further details from 01825 722328.

RUGBY CLUB fixtures this weekend are: First XV are away to Lewes II. According to the information that I have there is no fixture, knowing how keen the second XV are to play rugby, I feel sure they will be playing at home tomorrow, Saturday.

CHURCH SERVICES: Sunday Services at St Mary’s Church are Holy Communion at 8am followed by Harvest Festival at 10.30am. Seeing that our farmers and growers have had such a difficult year due to the wet weather they have had to experience, we should be very thankful for the good quality of local food we can purchase.

THE AFTERNOON CLUB will be meeting on Thursday, at 2.30pm in the Community Centre. The speaker is Christopher Whittick, senior archivist for East Sussex County Records Office. His subject is Storing The Past For The Future. Christopher studied law but eschewed barristering in favour of archives. At Oxford he was president of the Archaeological Society, his particular interest is the study of buildings. For further information please telephone 01825 722154 or 722650.


HOME-MADE WINE: I picked all the grapes that were growing around our conservatory and tried

to crush them with a heavy saucepan. But it wasn’t very successful, so in the end I donned two plastic carrier-bags, got in the bucket and trod them. This time next year we should have about 32 bottles of Chateau Funnell. My strawberry wine will be ready for Christmas.

SIGN: I saw a lovely sign outside a Hastings church. It said: Between tomorrow’s dream and yesterday’s regret is today’s opportunity.

LUXFORD CENTRE, the club for the over 60’s. Volunteers wanted: Do you cook meals at home? The Luxford Centre is in urgent need of cooks to provide lunch for its members. This would be one Thursday morning a month commitment, unless you wish to do it more often. You would not be thrown in at the deep end. You can be an assistant, or if you are already experienced at catering for larger numbers, could take on the lead role. This may also appeal to a group of two, three or four friends. We do not wish to lose this facility for our elderly members, who are appreciative of the meals the volunteers provide and the companionship they get from having lunch with others. Please ring Dorothy on 01825 764287 for more information.


QUIZ: The twinning association will be holding its fundraising quiz tonight, Friday, at the Lucas Hall. Anyone interested in taking part can contact Gill Temple (01435 812861) to check if there are still places.

HARVEST LUNCH: This year’s Harvest Lunch will be hosted by the Reverend and Mrs Pitcher (George and Mobbs) at Culverwood, Little London Road, on Sunday at 1pm. It will help with catering if we have a rough idea of numbers, so please ring church warden Graeme Mackenzie or Sarah Mackenzie on 01435 866419 to say if you can come. The idea is that this will be a bring and share lunch but George says that everyone is welcome whether or not they can bring something so do come anyway.

BELFRY REPAIRS: Thanks to everyone in Waldron and Cross in Hand, and supporters outside the parish too, who have made any kind of contribution to our Belfry Repair Fund which has been organised by the Friends of Waldron Churches. Although we haven’t raised the entire sum, it’s enough for the repairs to the belfry roof to go ahead and if all goes well the scaffolding will be going up from Monday. While the work is going on, for your own safety, if you are going for a walk it is suggested that you cross the churchyard diagonally from the steps by the lych gate, rather than walking round the back of the tower. You will also notice that the bells will not be rung for the next six weeks and the clock will be stopped for the same reason. It is estimated that the work will take six weeks, but weather may affect it.

SHOP RE-OPENING: After its closure this week while Deborah took a well-earned rest, the Stores at Waldron will be re-opening on Wednesday.

COUNTRY MARKET: The Country Market will be back in Waldron on Wednesday from 10.15am at the Lucas Hall. Cakes, quiches, bread and preserves will be for sale as usual and cards, postcards, vegetables and eggs as well. Free coffee and tea to enjoy while you buy and chat.

CRAFTY WI: Waldron’s WI meeting this month is an opportunity to have a go at a new craft. Members will meet at the Lucas Hall at 2.30pm and will be able to try out skills in cross stitch, encaustic art (with wax), water colour painting, decorated box, decoupage, or paper roses. Anyone who hasn’t put down their name yet for their group of choice can contact Wendy Hall to find out if there is still room.

N WATCH: The annual meeting of Neighbourhood Watch will take place in the Lucas Hall on Thursday at 7.30pm. The principal speaker will be Louise Baxter of Trading Standards who can bring us up to date on the latest scams to avoid. The police will be represented to talk about their concerns, security and safety. Especially if you are a newcomer to Waldron, it’s a really good way of making contact with your new neighbours and there will be refreshments after the meeting.

THE BOOK: There will be a festival service to commemorate the 350th anniversary of The Book of Common Prayer at All Saints’ Church on October 14 at 11.15am. More information next week.

THE RUDES: Latest information about the Rude Mechanicals’ winter tour is that there was a delay in getting their Arts Council grant approved but it is now through and plans can go ahead. So they will be coming to Waldron on Thursday November 22 and tickets will now go on sale here as soon as the Stores re-opens, and will be available on their usual number (01323 501260) in the next few days.

SERVICES: On Sunday it will be Harvest Festival which will be celebrated with Holy Communion at St Bartholomew’s’ at 8am, Sung Eucharist also at St Bart’s at 9.30am (and any food gifts will go to Family Support Work); Family Service at All Saints’ at 11.15am (again any food gifts will go to FSW) and the Harvest Lunch (see above) at Culverwood at 1pm.

Warbleton & Rushlake Green

CHURCH SERVICES: Sunday, Warbleton Parish Church, 11am Harvest Family Service followed by lunch in the Dunn Village Hall. St John’s Bodle Street, 9.30am Morning Worship with Holy Communion. St Giles, Dallington, 10am Communion (BCP). Heathfield Chapel, 11am Morning worship and communion with Matthew Bater. 6.30pm evening service led by Chris Durrant.

HISTORY GROUP: We have a return visit from Geoff Hutchinson at 7.30pm on Monday in the Dunn Village Hall. His talk will be on Grey Owl – The Hastings Indian.

FLOWER FESTIVAL: Heathfield Chapel was beautifully decorated for the flower festival and celebration of harvest last weekend. The theme was The Bread of Life and the various displays combined marvellous arrangements with carefully chosen props, including a horse plough, to illustrate the theme. On Sunday night, we attended the songs of praise service, when we sang a good many of the old favourite hymns. Well done to Audrey Milton and her team for such a great weekend.

PLOUGHING MATCH: Congratulations to Simon Tingley, who won his class at the match at Hellingly last Saturday; he also gained the trophy for the best work with a John Deere tractor. There was the usual friendly rivalry between Richard and Daniel Lambert-Gorwyn in the Ferguson class. This time it was dad, Richard, who edged ahead in second place, with Daniel in third. It was a lovely day with a fine site, a little sticky underfoot to start with after overnight rain. The sun and a gentle breeze soon dried things out, and there were good ploughing conditions.