BONFIRE NIGHT: Passed off relatively peacefully in Piddinghoe this year. There was a short burst of local fireworks about 8pm but nothing much. Of course the night before the thundering from Lewes and spectacular displays could be seen and heard this far down river. Several villagers have views along the river and can watch from the comfort of their own homes.

PIANO RECITAL: We are looking forward to hearing Nancy Cooley who will be giving a piano recital up at Hoddern on November 26. Villagers and their friends can obtain tickets from Lynette or Colin.

THE PAVEMENT: On the C7 near the bus stop was recently partly cleared by Highways. There is now a strip to walk along which is about 24 inches wide. Villagers have noticed that this is only about two thirds the width of the actual path which has been allowed to clog up over years with falling leaves now forming a 5 inch raised bed against the walls and fences. Following an enquiry to Highways a reply was received saying the cost to fully clear the path was prohibitive. This does seem extraordinary to the locals.

REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY: The War Memorial Service will take place Sunday. Arrive before 9.30am to hear the bell ringers. The order of service includes a recitation of war poetry and John Taverner’s Kohima and Exhortation. The Last Post will be sounded and a two minutes silence held. A roll call of parishioners who took part in the World Wars or other campaigns will be read out.