A FEW DAYS AWAY: In the sun is always pleasant at this time of year but it is good to get back to the stability of the village where things rarely show much sign of change. Happy enough to miss the bonfire and fireworks festivals, which are never a favourite of your correspondent who always wonders how it effects the animals and small babes trying to sleep. Not much progress either, it seems, on the odd ‘building site’ that scars parts of the village although Gill’s move to the studio extension at Malthouse seems almost complete with a front garden and side gates being prepared even though another piece of the old stone wall appears to have been lost.

READING MATERIAL: Local newscasters are busy now preparing for the next issue of The Villager which is due to come out in the first week of December. It is an attempt to draw residents together and keep them informed of goings-on in an appropriate manner, a classy production overseen by an experienced publisher, a former Fleet Street journalist and a couple of professional print designers who all happen to live here. The team are always appealing for more contributions from residents and already there are many interesting columns on the subjects of nature, cooking, art and cinema. Its free and entirely funded by the parish council although the guardians of the magazine are careful never to let that financial fact become an influence in the content.

FILM NIGHT: At Piddinghoe Village Hall will be on Wednesday November 29 this month rather than the normal Friday due to technical reasons. The film title will be announced this weekend but the projectionist is thankful for the goodwill of all the would-be darts and table tennis players who are trying to revive their indoor games hobby as a regular Wednesday night experience in the hall.

PILATES: Rebecca has three excellent hour-long classes running at the village hall on Saturday mornings from 8.15am. Come and join, although you may have to go on a waiting list.

ART AND KNITTING: The ladies get together in the hall on Thursdays for a relaxed afternoon of painting, needling and tea and cakes and are always pleased to see friendly newcomers.

YOGA: Tim Blair’s evening class starts at 6pm on Thursday evenings and is usually well attended.

CHURCH: Recent arrival, the Rev Mary is having a great impact with her bright ideas, helping Vicar Tim in making greater use of our fine building of worship which will be the subject of much more focus in this column in future as the fight goes on to save it.