WORDSWORTH: Would have been delighted to chance upon the crowd of golden daffodils that still fills the slope leading up to the back of St John’s Church in the centre of the village. This much photographed sight is already firmly established as the visual symbol of Piddinghoe and also means that, despite the threat of recent rain, spring is finally sprung. And yet for anybody still wandering lonely as a cloud in these parts there is the warning that, in our experience, those lovely daffs do not usually last much longer. At least the village seems to be finally drying out nicely and the kerbside mud hardening into a more solid paste. The more benign weather brings the additional worry, though, that you might have an increased chance of being knocked over by head-down, lycra-clad, bell-less cyclists surging through at weekends even though a neat path now exists over by the river beyond the Hoe which would take them clear through to Newhaven and the sea. The reason this route is under-used, however, is easy to understand as a section of the path, just south of the landing-deck and of only about 75 yards in length, is book-ended by a pair of barred gates bearing notices that read: ‘Footpath - no cyclists or vehicles.’ One pleasant cove told us he just picks up his bike and carries it for those 75 yards but surely that’s not what it is meant for? Answers on a postcard to this one, please.

NEW BUILD: Many villagers who couldn’t make it on the night, have been waiting to hear the news from Tuesday’s Piddinghoe Parish Council meeting when the agenda featured discussion on the planning application for the land next to The Dormer House. Daffodils at the centre of the village may be the acceptable side of the coin but the heap of rubble adjacent to the village hall is certainly the other and it has been there for over two years now. At last, however, a plan is under consideration, admittedly with a few alterations from the original, for flattening the debris and building a reasonably substantial home for what by all accounts is a nice mature couple who are apparently keen to enter village life. Meanwhile the power and influence of this Parish Pump column was shown to its full glory last week when on the very day of publication of the moan about how long it was taking to compete repairs to Roe Cottage the builders’ lorry revved up and pulled away and the young couple in occasional residence there moved back in. Coming soon: an article about philanthropists strolling through the village with wads of tenners.

CHURCH SERVICES: The appeal has gone out for all to join in the celebration of Easter Sunday this weekend at St John’s led by Rev Mary (9.30am). As a consequence there will be no 8am service a week later but Rev Tim will be back at the pulpit for the fourth Sunday of the month. Rev David Perks is gratefully thanked for standing in last week.

FILM NIGHT: Was a bit if a disappointment last Friday in terms of audience size when only 13 (including one or from outside the village) turned out to see Loving Vincent, the animated masterpiece that earned the top award at last year’s European Film Festival. Through it’s unique use of thousands of artists’ frames it told the story of how the tragic Dutch painter lived and died and for those who missed it again (screened on only one day at The Depot in Lewes) it was such a shame because it really was beautifully done. However, a bigger response is confidently expected for Paddington 2 in the village hall on Friday April 13. This is one for all the family, packed with amusement and comic drama, and although the price is the usual £3 a head, children accompanied by well-behaved adults will be allowed in free. Also particularly welcome would be Pauline Cherry who wrote so kindly about Piddinghoe Film Nights in her excellent Rodmell and Southease column last week.

INDOOR SPORTS: We hear there has been a decline in numbers the last couple of weeks but darts, table tennis and cards and board games are still all available every Wednesday evening from 7.30pm in the village hall. All equipment supplied.

ART AND KNITTING: With the Ladies from 2pm to 4pm every Thursday in the village hall. Tea, biscuits and cake all possible.

YOGA: With Tim from 7pm, also in the village hall on Thursdays.