EASTER DAY: Rev Mary Sitwell led a wonderful and captivating service at St John’s which attracted 22 parishioners including some lovely children who only live here part-time with their parents. For Piddinghoe it was a massive turn-out and a great pleasure for all to enjoy, including Quincy’s cat who crept in for a while.. There will be another service on the fourth Sunday of the month, led by Rev Tim Mills. The Parish Council meets on Monday (April 9) for a one-off evening session at 1 Cedarwell Close with replacements for at least two retiring members on the agenda. As usual, the main item will be SOS, Save Our Church.

SKIPPING AND BUNS: Torrential rain on Good Friday, nothing new of course, ruined this planned return to an old Piddinghoe custom. It’s traditional venue is just up the path from the Village Hall and we have, thankfully, never been told of any real casualties of the long rope. Memory suggests there used to be pancake-tossing and racing around the village as well, without notable physical damage, but surely that was on the wrong day? Clearly, no accidents this time either (except maybe near-drowning) but still condolences needed for Mel, Sheila and Jill, for their hard work in preparation. At least some hardy souls managed to make it to the Hall afterwards to demolish some of the Hot Cross Buns and coffee.

PARISH COUNCIL MEETING: Still waiting for the Minutes to go public from last week’s meeting which studied, among other items, the planning application for a new build next to the Village Hall where currently a monstrosity of an eyesore disfigures all around it. Early signs are promising for the mature couple who want to move into our community, although much of the time was spent in dispute, from the floor, of how a PPC should be run.

BOOK CLUB: Goes international again in Piddighoe with their next meeting focusing on A Palace Walk by an Egyptian writer, at Atherfield on Village Green where David will be the host on April 24. Please contact Christine for further details on 07944 577774.

FILM NIGHT: The highly amusing Paddington 2 is a a week today on Friday April 13 but should not be as unlucky in audience terms as the bewitching Loving Vincent that managed to attract only 13 to the hall last month. We all know (from Paddington 1) that the hero is a talking Bear but it is a childish film for adults really. Lots of laughs (7pm) for £3 and free for accompanied kids.

ROD ON TRACK: Popular guitar-playing Rod from Riverside Cottage is trying go put together a massive model railway track for his grandchildren to come and see and is looking for a railway enthusiast to help set it up along with two live locomotives bearing six coaches. Give him a whistle on 01273 514405.

PILATES: Will return either tomorrow (Saturday) or next Saturday in the village hall with Rebecca. Three hourly sessions starting 8.15am.

INDOOR SPORTS: Still struggling for numbers in the village hall on Wednesdays from 7.30pm. Ironically perhaps the better weather will help the turn-out. All equipment for darts, table tennis and board games supplied.

ART AND KNITTING: The ladies gather for paint, canvass, cake and team each Thursday from 2pm to 4pm at the village hall.

YOGA: Tim’s packing them in from 7pm on Thursdays, also village hall.