PARISH COUNCIL: Piddinghoe is a small community of about two hundred souls and there are very many friendships in the village and happy shared memories. It was with relief that most of us read that the views of ‘the few disputants from the floor’ reported in a previous weeks Express following the parish council meeting, claiming that our council were running the meetings improperly, was actually, factually inaccurate. The Parish Clerk was forced to take legal advice to settle this matter. The good news is that villagers can attend council meetings without any unpleasantness arising from the floor, some of which, in the past, led to derogatory remarks about our much loved previous chair. Those oldies with hypertension can be reassured that the calm and considered manner in which our council deliberates is according to legally binding Standing Orders, and will be maintained. Thanks to our parish council for doing a difficult job.

WE ARE ALL SET: For the heatwave forecast by the Met office, that is, if we all survive the latest threat of world conflagration or cyber attack retaliations from the Russians. Britons don’t often think of themselves in terms of world powers these days, where has Mr Juncker and Donald Tusk’s leadership been when it’s needed?

DAFFODILS: Amazingly after all the snow and freezing weather, the daffodils, having been flattened, bounced back and have made a fantastic display throughout the village.

THE SHEEP: Have just reappeared on the marsh fields across the river for the first time in many, many months. They roam far and wide and we can occasionally hear them from across the river. Some of this spring’s lambs, further along the C7, have reached the age when they hang out in gangs getting up to mischief away from their mothers. This is rather fascinating and quite wonderful to watch if you are out walking the Ouse Valley Way.

WE CAN RECOMMEND: Viewing the Netflix series about the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh when he moved to Oregan. It poses quite a few dilemmas.

FILM NIGHT: Will be in late May. Which film is yet to be decided.

BOOK CLUB: April 26 at Atherfield, Village Green. Telephone 07944 577774 for details.

PILATES: Saturday from 8.15am, three classes of one hour with Rebecca.

INDOOR SPORTS: In the village hall Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm.

ART AND KNITTING: We are wondering when Marcia’s full sized mermaid, constructed using some recycled plastics, will be finished and where it can be installed. It is looking promising and apart from the tail there are also some most amazing shoes.

YOGA: Every Thursday with Tim from 6.30pm in the village hall.