BASKING IN THE SUN: Piddinghoe has basked in the sun, perhaps a little hot for the garden at this time of year so some cooler weather is not so bad. Many villagers have been struck down with a sort of hay fever possibly from the fields of rape by which we are surrounded this year, very pretty but not so good for those sensitive to its pollen.

RATS: There does seem to be a continuing problem with rats following the demise of the ‘horror farm’ headlined earlier in the year.

AGM: A few villagers and councillors attended the Egret’s Way AGM at the depot and some seemed to be dismayed to find Piddinghoe characterised a little unfavourably because of the sign on the river bank. The Parish Council has agreed that the new drive covering of the public foot path at the river, paid for by Veolia, can be assigned as a dismountable section of the Egret’s Way. This is despite objection by the land owner over whose garden it passes, who understandably hates the designated path and is concerned about mounted cyclists. Villagers are an amenable and accommodating bunch and it is a shame if they are being characterised as misanthropes because they have genuine concerns about cycling through a village with no pavements. Piddinghoe is the only village the Egret’s Way actually want to cycle through. There is a suitable path to Southease from Newhaven on the other side of the river, with a foot crossing very much like Tide Mills, for anyone, cyclists included, who want to use it. This is a surface which can support environmental agency vehicles. The current Parish Council chair cycled to and from Piddinghoe to Newhaven for school everyday as a child and many villagers do the same today without any difficulty.

SPRING: The first cuckoo in the village was heard this week and we are surrounded by birds and bees this year. A few tulips are out following the demise of the daffodils and perhaps some guerrilla planting of more tulips is needed for next year.

A TAPESTRY: For St John’s made by the villagers is being considered and village artists are being approached to do the cartoons. We have some former V&A and Royal College of Art villagers as well as some talented artists and architects. The subject is yet to be decided upon but the history of the parish council is one suggestion. There will be some inspiring people and events included. Our former chair was senior project design manager for Polaris, yes this nations nuclear defence, so that could make for some delightful images as in the tradition of tapestry battles.

FILM NIGHT: Will be in late May.

PILATES: Saturday from 8.15am for an hour with Rebecca, followed by two more hour long classes.

INDOOR SPORTS: In the village hall Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm.

ART AND KNITTING: Marcia’s full sized mermaid is nearly finished.

YOGA: Every Thursday with Tim from 6.30pm in the village hall.