GOOD TO BE BACK?: Such a shock to the system as your correspondent returned to the south coast after a sunshine break on the Med. Landing in rain, wind and nine degrees centigrade after you’ve got used to 27 or 28 certainly does that. Still, it is nice to see that there has been plenty of local activity and many thanks to the young lady who has stood in with the quill pen and produced literary quality than few could hope to have matched.

BURNING ISSUE: Best to report most recent things first and we wonder if other villagers noticed the smelly, smoky mist that seemed to be rolling along the C7 on Monday night? Very strange and most unpleasant. It appeared to be coming across from beyond the farms and it was obvious someone was burning something substantial. The police were informed and, very much like the county council with the holes in the road, they are, reportedly looking into it.

POLICE ACTIVITY: Was noticeable in the area around Thursday last week, though when three or four squad cars were seen in the vicinity of Kiln Cottage, on the outskirts of the village towards Southease, and Mr Brady’s property where he keeps the horses and donkeys. No further news yet but clearly further investigation needed for possible publication in next week’s issue.

MERMAID’S FRIEND: Millicent looks a bit drab, apparently, in comparison to the spectacular new, full-sized one but many are looking forward to a display of Marcia’s work and its all good news for the Tapestry being planned by several artistic villagers for St John’s Church. There’s also the offer from another villager of a beautiful version of The Last Supper, partly in petit-point silk that could be displayed in the church if the necessary permission is granted.

CHURCH SERVICES: Are, as usual on the second and fourth Sundays of this month courtesy of Rev Tim and Rev Mary, the former at 9.30am and the latter 8am. Full details on the St John’s and central village hall noticeboards.

VILLAGE HALL REBUILD: Not quite, maybe, but there does seem a firm determination among many to substantially refurbish the old building which started life as a cowshed. There are lots of details about the plans for this in the latest edition of The Villager which has just been published. Also in the pages, news concerning the village tree count and survey plus the usual interest-packed features on nature, cooking, art and theatre.

FILM NIGHT: May be back towards the end of this month for a final showing before the summer break but villagers are urged to let the projectionist know what titles they fancy before he makes the decision whether to proceed.

NEWCOMERS: At Cobblers Cottage have been noticed and it would be lovely to see them make themselves know at a village event. They have taken over from Tom and his wife and lovely little daughter who have left for pastures new.

PILATES: Tomorrow (Saturday) from 8.15am with Rebecca who will add two more hourly classes in the village hall.

INDOOR SPORTS: Facilities all available in the village hall for darts, table tennis, board games etc on Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm.

ART AND KNITTING: With the ladies in the village hall on Thursday afternoons.

YOGA: With Tim every Thursday evening from 6.30pm in the village hall.