LOVELY: Last week to walk south along the track, around the lake, then by the side of the river and back up to the village again, via the church. It is just like rural England used to be years ago on a warm summer’s morning, except that this is only May. Another bonus was a delightful lack of dog-poo on the entire circuit and very little litter of any kind, despite the paucity of available bins. Just one strange incident, though: the discovery of an abandoned (large) child’s bicycle in good condition. Hopefully, no unpleasant sequel to this and perhaps the owner eventually returned to collect it. Even the loudest shouts failed to bring anybody from the nearby woodland.

SAD: To hear about the passing of Barbara Gratton, one of Piddinghoe’s most well-known former stalwarts and personalities who relocated to Lewes a few years ago. Invariably she was among the first to greet newcomers to the village when living in the White Cottage and was always at the centre of local social and charitable events, supporting everything. Her funeral takes place at St Anne’s Church, Lewes 2pm tomorrow (Saturday)

UGLY STAIN: Has been left by what the police are, apparently, calling a spate of petty theft and vandalism from vehicles parked on the road through the village. Just two or three targets but one was a van which the intruders believed contained tools but, in fact, didn’t. Some smashed windows, too, and perhaps coincidently another car (Black Ford Focus) found with its rear window caved in at the parking space immediately in front of at Denton shops. Suspicion is that it’s done, as happened about two years ago, by a little gang of no-hopers who, fuelled by a mixture of hard drink and soft drugs, parade along the C7 road late at night at weekends and sometimes branch off. Just a pity the police do not have the resources to keep watch at those times and easily apprehend the culprits.

LOOK OUT: Behind you is good advice to all walking through the village in this improved weather because a growing number of cyclists have been spotted racing through and not many of them carry warning bells. You can often dodge them when they are just in ones and twos but imagine if there was a cycle path through this narrow village (as some people would like), it could be lethal.

FILM NIGHT: Our projectionist is asking whether The Darkest Hour, with Oscar-winning Gary Oldman, would be a popular choice for the next presentation. It may not be until September unless there is a groundswell of opinion to have it sooner. We understand Rodmell are now advanced in to film-show territory and well worth a visit.

CHURCH SERVICES: Are on the second and fourth Sundays each month, courtesy of Rev Tim and Rev Mary (9.30am and 8am). See the church porch and village hall noticeboards for precise details.

NEWCOMERS: Are Adam and Rowena at Cobblers Cottage, considerably reducing the average age of the residents and with two dogs, Albie and Amy, and a cat.

PILATES: Most Saturday mornings, a trio of hourly sessions from 8.15am with Rebecca in the village hall.

INDOOR SPORTS: On Wednesday evenings in the village hall from 7.30pm when equipment for table tennis, darts cards and board games are available free of charge, although donations are welcome.

ART AND KNITTING: With the ladies on Thursday afternoons from 2pm in the hall.

YOGA: With Tim is from 6.30pm (village hall) on Thursday nights.