NEPAL FILM RE-RUN: Is planned for Friday June 1 after a technology malfunction marred the evening at the village hall last Friday. Around 20 villagers gathered for the free showing of Namaste, which is a friendly greeting in Nepal where the people are struggling under terribly impoverished conditions, particularly in respect of medical facilities and personnel. The film was to show the a perilous journey a pregnant woman had to undertake, lasting nearly two days, to reach a doctor who would help deliver her child and the plan in Piddinghoe was to seek aid from local sources for the Lewes-based charity DoctorsForNepal. Although the film did not work out (still a mystery as a subsequent test with an old black-and-white Sixties feature showed there is nothing wrong with either the DvD player or the projector) it was still a very pleasant gathering, helped by a good supply of wine and free Nepalese food cooked by David, Marcia and Christine (Mel was unfortunately ill and could not attend).The show must still go on, as they say, and it will next Friday when the film’s producer and charity organiser Cesca Eaton, who spoke so eloquently on the subject, has agreed to return. It will be at 7pm but only a film show and more discussion this time.

SAD NEWS: That Peter Bailey, one of the village’s much-respected elders sustained a fatal heart-attack while travelling north by car with wife Valerie and another relative last Monday for a family wedding in the Lake District. Peter and Val had boldly decided to move back to their native Lancashire after 27 years in East Sussex and last week were aiming to look over the property they had agreed to buy having finally sold their lovely Court Farm Close house. They got only as far as the M1, just past Luton, when Peter fell ill and despite the extremely valiant efforts of locals and the Paramedics he failed to recover. Val is back in Court Farm Close now with her daughter and son-in-law and plans are being made for the funeral to be held locally. All very sad because he was a lovely, cheerful chap but details of the service will hopefully appear in this column next week.

ARTICLES: For The Villager magazine are being sought for the next issue which is due out in June. The editors are very pleased with the notices and stories that come in and have never felt in danger of failing to fill the pages. But they are always happy to receive fresh names for the by-lines. Deadline will be the week after next and any new would-be correspondents can send contributions by email to or, ideally in Word documents of no more than 500 words and, hopefully, a good bit less.

SIGHT UNSEEN: The boards have finally gone up around the building site that backs onto the village hall where Mr and Mrs Spence are hoping to build a beautiful bungalow. The earth is being flattened and even though the surrounds are just plain brown boards it already looks a million times better than the debris that was there before and scarred our village. Provided their planning details fit the bill many will wish the newcomers well with their project.

ANNUAL VILLAGE MEETING: Has been set for Tuesday with all villagers welcome to attend and talk with neighbours and parish councillors about their hopes and dreams for the future here. Drinks and nibbles will be available. (7.30pm).

ROYAL WEDDING: Cannot let this pass without a mention from Piddinghoe where a lady who used to live in the village and still owns a house here also has a sister who was married locally last Saturday, in a barn. Yes, you read it right, Territa walked down the aisle to meet Gary serenaded by a band of drummers, no less, and then held her reception in a field under canvass. Quite a contrast from Harry and Meghan at Windsor Castle but they did have upwards of 150 in attendance.

CHURCH SERVICES: At St John’s are on the second Sunday of the month at 8am, Holy Communion from the Book of Common Prayer, no address but two readings lasting a total of no more than 30 minutes, and on the fourth Sunday a Common Worship of Holy Communion service with hymns and an address, lasting one hour. Full details on church porch and village hall noticeboards. All villagers and visitors welcome by the Revs Tim and Mary.

BOOK CLUB: Next meeting is at Elderberry House, 8 Court Farm Close, hosted by Christine from 7.30pm. The subject is Life Class by Pat Barker. Newcomers welcome.

PILATES: Rebecca’s three classes of an hour apiece start at 8.15am tomorrow (Saturday).

INDOOR SPORTS: Each Wednesday night from 7.30pm with darts, table tennis, board games and cards all freely available although a donation to village hall funds would be appreciated. Just turn up and play.

ART AND KNITTING: With the ladies from 2pm to 4pm Thursday afternoons. Cake sometimes appears to go with the village hall tea.

YOGA: With Tim from 6.30pm in the village hall on Thursday evenings.