GLORIOUS JUNE: Could certainly be the best month for living in Piddinghoe with all the flowers and plants fully out on display and so much greenery. All we need now is for some kind person from our beloved District Council to send a man (or two) round with a mower before the grass grows so high on the verges that it covers us completely. Yes, we know about budgets and the ‘necessary cuts’ (a good pun in this instance) but already the task of negotiating a way out onto the often fast-flowing traffic on the C7 is a hazardous daily operation, peering over the tall grass in your wing-mirrors. We may not have Open Gardens weekend any more like neighbouring Southease and Rodmell (and that is still a disappointment to many residents who would willingly help Sheila have another go at it) but there are plenty of June events in the village. Next year might be a good time to re-launch the event . Perhaps the two building ‘blights’, which must be so frustrating for dear Gill at Malthouse and Mr and Mrs Spence (trying too make a home beside the Village Hall) will be gone by then.

FIRST UP: Was last Friday’s re-running of Namaste, the documentary film that vividly portrays the paucity of medical facilities available for the people of Nepal where in some parts of the country it can take two days by foot or donkey to reach a doctor, and the entire journey appears to be uphill. A Lewes-based charity called Doctors For Nepal are trying to relieve the suffering and the film they show is all about giving. Sadly when they tried to run it a couple of weeks ago in our village hall, and 20-plus people turned up, the DVD proved faulty and they had to make do with a discussion session and free Nepalese food and wine. On last week’s re-run the show worked perfectly and there was also another film provided by local resident Colin about his own adventures in the Himalaya. Yet the audience was much smaller. However, good money was taken in donations and a Rotary Club in the area are exploring the possibility of sponsoring the charity via their international arm.

SINGALONG: The acclaimed Ouse Valley Singers will be visiting St John’s Church as part of a concert there in aid of the Newhaven Food Bank on Saturday June 23 (7.30pm). It is called Summer Is A-Coming In and will also feature other local musicians with a collection of their repertoires. Tickets are available from Vanessa at Halyards and Christine at Elderberry House or on the door on the night. Adults £5, children under 12 free.

BOOK CLUB: Meets on Thursday June 28 (7.30pm) at Elderberry House (8 Court Farm Close) when the subject will be author Pat Barker’s publication Life Class. Newcomers welcome.

THE BIG TEA: Is set for Saturday June 30 (from 3.30pm) and this replaces The Big Barbecue which has been the norm over the last few years. It is, of course, to be held on The Hoe (weather permitting, in village hall if not) and will feature cream tea, scones, jam, cakes, Pimms, wine and Harvey’s beer. The only trouble is that just 50 people can be accommodated and it will be on a first-come-first-served basis from either Sheila at Old School or Mel (Jasmine Cottage). Telephone 0790 8930307. Mel and Sheila also welcome any offers from cake-makers and serving-help on the day.

CUT AND PASTE: Two wallpapering tables were an unlikely recent discovery in the Bell Tower at St John’s. If you are planning a bit of decorating, Isla and Mary at Chambles on Church Green will be happy to retrieve them for you upon request.

CHURCH SERVICES: Second Sunday of the month at 8am and fourth Sunday 9.30am. Full details on church porch notice-board.

PILATES: Rebecca’s trio of hourly classes tomorrow (Saturday) are from 8.15am to 11.15am.

INDOOR GAMES: Table tennis, darts, board games and cards all available free in the village hall Wednesdays from 7.30pm. Just turn up.

ART AND KNITTING: From 2pm to 4pm Thursdays with Jill and her ladies in the village hall.

YOGA: Tim’s weekly class begins at 6.30pm in the village hall on Thursdays.