MOVING ON: Just when we wondered in this column why things had come grinding to a halt on both the building site eyesores in the village when, suddenly, there is a burst of significant activity. Your correspondent claims no credit nor, indeed, any foresight in such matters but it is interesting to note that similar happened a few weeks ago soon after the whingeing about the long grass not being cut. At Malthouse now the builders are all over the heavily-scaffolded roof like spidermen and the garden area between the back of the (extended) house and Gill’s ‘granny-flat (shed)’ is really coming on. At last you can imagine how lovely it will look when completed. Everybody hopes that it will not be too long and, encouragingly, there are forecasts that by next Spring there will also be a building to see at the site adjacent to the village hall where Mr and Mrs Spence dream of a cosy home. It has to be said that, looking at it now, such a prediction looks dream-like indeed but as we’ve seen before things can change quickly where there is a will. It will certainly be an eye-opener to see the final product. At the moment it seems that both sides of the site are propped up by long poles and where the house will presumably be sited is nothing more than a narrow passage that opens out eventually onto The Street. Fantasy figures have been inevitably bandied about concerning how much it is costing each day but there can be no doubt that it is a lot.

QUIET: Otherwise in Pidd just now but there was the latest parish council meeting (quarterly) on Tuesday night and there are certain to be some interesting matters emerging. Parking in the village and the fall-out from any cycle-path plan are still big issues. It is lovely along the river at the back of Old School and Old Vicarage and many villagers and visitors have taken the opportunity to strip off and take a dip. Sometimes I have to salute their bravery because I can remember the river turning several different shades of colour in the not-so-distant past but I’m told that on particularly hot days it is sheer heaven to immerse oneself in the cool water. Hopefully all are grateful to Sheila for letting the swimmers use the private jetty which she owns for a diving board.

ST JOHN’S CHURCH: Service is on Sunday at 8am led by Rev Mary there will be another on August 26 with Rev Tim. Please support our lovely church which is struggling to survive because of low numbers.

VILLAGE HALL: Can be booked by villagers and friends for private functions like wedding receptions, parties, exhibitions etc. Just contact David on 07716409506 for a price list. Naturally, there are preferential rates for people who live here but all the rates are a real bargain. Charges are very competitive.

BOOK CLUB: The next meeting is at Halyards on Thursday September 16 with Peter Casey’s Parrot and Olivier in America will be under discussion. Full details of how to join can be obtained by emailing and new members are welcome.

THE VILLAGER: Piddinghoe magazine’s copy-deadline for the next edition is a week today (Friday August 17) and so all would-be contributors should sharpen their pencils with some alacrity. Actually, the best way to send an article (500 words maximum and, preferably, a lot less) is via a Word document attachment to either or Otherwise, slip a not through the door of the village hall. Be quick, though, as the next edition is already packed full of juicy articles with Angie’s Grass Roots column of particular charm this time.

PILATES: Takes place most Saturday (tomorrow) mornings in the village hall from 8.15am with Rebecca’s three hourly sessions.

INDOOR SPORT: Includes darts and table tennis with full equipment provided. All free on Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm in the village hall. Just turn up ready to play.

ART AND KNITTING: With the ladies is in the village hall on Thursday afternoons from 2pm.

YOGA: Tim Blair’s class starts at 6.30pm in the village hall on Thursdays.