SPECIAL: Time of year now in the countryside as farmers get the harvests in, that buzz in the air (not to mention the flying ash that can get on your clothes and in your hair). We can certainly forgive all that in this village even when the droning sound of the wheat being dried goes on deep into the evening. Maybe not so easy to overlook, however, was the strange sight of a monster tractor thundering along The Street, our main thoroughfare, last Wednesday afternoon, laden with huge bales of hay. The driver must have made a mistake. We assume he was on his way to Mr Carr’s Farm and somehow believed he had to turn off the C7 road and swing a left into the village when he should just have gone straight on and then turned right (the big barns on the skyline should be something of a clue). The interloper’s spectacular appearance. It did not go down well but, unfortunately,something else did, much of Ken and Beryl’s blossoming lovely fig tree that overhangs from High Barn. The vehicle took out many big branches and the disabled couple were just relieved and grateful that a kind and caring neighbour was on hand to clear up, having failed to attract the driver’s attention with her shouting. He carried on regardless in his tractor, past the Village Hall, round the next bend and how he did not wipe out any of the parked cars in front of all the cottages was a miracle as the vehicle was almost the same width as the road. After the rowdy cycling gangs riding through for British Heart Foundation’s charity the previous week it was another case of a visit we didn’t really want.

HUB BLOCK: Several cases of the internet connection going down again in the village last week. Strange how it seems to happen whenever you see those chaps in the white vans labelled Open Reach, fiddling about in that box on the grass verge at the south end on the triangle. They have been promising us Super Speed Fibre Optic, or whatever it is called, for years now but actually it seems slower than ever to some users and with more breakdowns. Answers please, BT.

BOOK CLUB: Author Peter Casey’s Parrot and Oliver in America will be the work under discussion by Piddinghoe Book Club group on Thursday September 6 at 7.30pm. Venue is Halyards in The Street and you can receive full details of the club via email

FILM NIGHT: Will return after the summer break on Friday September 21 with The Darkest Hour to be shown in the village hall (£3 including refreshments). Future planned presentations up to Christmas are: Shirley Valentine (Friday October 26), The Greatest Showman (Friday November 16) and Bedazzled (Friday December 21). Subject to booking approval.

CHURCH SERVICES: The fourth Sunday this weekend Holy Communion with Rev Tim Mills at St John’s Church. Second Sunday in September 9, short reading with Rev Mary Sitwell at 8am, no longer than 30 minutes.

PILATES: With Rebecca in the village hall tomorrow (Saturday) from 8.15am.

INDOOR SPORT: Each Wednesday evening from 7.30pm, all equipment for table tennis and darts supplied free in the village hall. Just come along.

ART AND KNITTING: Jill’s ladies gather from 2pm Thursday afternoon in the village hall.

YOGA: With Tim Blair from 6.30pm in the village hall, Thursdays.